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Redemption Time For Ben Pakulski at the Arnold Classic?

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This will be the fifth consecutive year that Ben Pakulski competes at the Arnold Classic and the veteran bodybuilder needs to redeem himself after a disappointing seventh place finish last March in Columbus, Ohio.

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Pak Man knows the lay of the land there and was on quite a roll in 2012 and 2013 by placing fourth and second, respectively. The line-up last year was a formidable one in comparison to the previous year, but Pakulski sliding down that many places cannot be viewed as anything but a failure for him.

He has not competed since then and the field of 14 that will take the stage in three weeks is one that can either be very tough or ripe for the picking. There are no Dennis Wolfs, Kai Greenes or Phil Heaths on tap, so the top six is a crap shoot right now.

Both Dexter Jackson and Branch Warren have won multiple Arnold Classics, but their best days appear to be behind them. Even with that said, Jackson has an excellent opportunity to win again if she shows up with great conditioning - something that he has been known for throughout his illustrious career.

Cedric McMillan, Roelly Winklaar and Evan Centopani are the wild card entries. They have the ability to place anywhere from first to tenth, depending on their conditioning and symmetry.

The young Justin Compton has been receiving a lot of fanfare but now has to back it up in his first tier-1 show.

With all of these intangibles, Pakulski has a golden opportunity to steal this show if he can get his upper body in line with his awesome legs. No one there will be able to stand next to him when it comes to thighs, hams and calves.

But it will take more than that.

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