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Brandon Curry: The Wild Card at the 2015 Arnold Classic

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You have heard all of the names mentioned so far as potential winners of this weekend's Arnold Classic. Dexter Jackson, Evan Centopani, Branch Warren and even the young Justin Compton have all been mentioned as bodybuilders with the chops to take home the $130,000 first place check.

Dexter Jackson
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Evan Centopani
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Branch Warren
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Some other guys that have been spoken about as pose down material are Roelly Winklaar, Lionel Beyeke and Cedric McMillan.

But not much has been said about Brandon Curry, and that may be playing right into The Prodigy's hands.

Brandon Curry
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#Brandon Curry

Curry doesn't stand out from the pack with his 5'8", 250-pound frame, but has one of those aesthetic and pleasing-looking physiques with a wide back and a narrow waist. But he has been inconsistent as a pro by not making the top-six in many shows that he should have done that and more.

His best moments came with an eighth place finish at the 2011 Mr. Olympia and then he on the 2013 Arnold Classic Brazil under peculiar circumstances that were of no fault of his.

McMillan appeared to be in tremendous shape and was the favorite, but he arrived late to the competitor's meeting and was disqualified. Curry ended up with a well-deserved win against the rest of the line-up in South America that evening.

But since then, he didn't place at the 2013 Olympia and had two eighth place finishes at the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe and last year in Ohio.

With the line-up taking the stage in 2015 in Columbus, there is a good chance that a competitor such as Curry can jump up a few spots if others are not in great condition. Case in point, the GH gut scenario from 2013 where five of the top six - including winner Jackson - had extended midsections. (McMillan was the lone exception, but he lacked in other areas.)

So don't sell Curry short. He is also overdue for a good placing.

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