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Arnold Classic Brazil Presenting a Loaded Line-up

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There may only be 10 competitors taking the stage at this weekend's 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil, but you can make a solid argument for at least six of them as contenders to win it all. There are some big names leading the list and here's a look at each of the top six, in order of our predictions:

1 -
Mamdouh Elssbiay- "Big Ramy" has been lauded for his recent progress photos posted on the Internet and rightfully so. He decided to forego the New York Pro a few weeks ago - and not defend his title in the Big Apple - to concentrate on this show. He obviously has the size over the rest of the field and can take the top spot if he maintains proper conditioning.

2 -
Cedric McMillan - We know that Big Mac (and his aesthetic physique) is a favorite of The Austrian Oak and he had this show won two years ago if he wasn't disqualified for missing the competitor's meeting. He may have placed just out of the top three in Ohio, but deserved better. He'll get a little payback here.

3 -
Juan Morel - "Diesel" experienced a career-changing victory over his protege Victor Martinez at the New York Pro and can do some damage here, as well, if he is able to hold on to his tight conditioning.

4 -
Toney Freeman - The ageless wonder has more gas left in the tank than some folks may think and should be able to find himself in the pose down.

5 -
Lionel Beyeke- Size and symmetry have never been a problem for the Frenchman, but his conditioning has been inconsistent throughout his career. When he's on, Beyeke can win any show he enters. But that's not always the case.

6 - Brandon Curry - When McMillan was unable to compete in 2013, Curry took home the winner's check and looked quite the part.

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