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Recent content by tim290280

  1. tim290280

    Preferred Method of Squatting

    I think the knee is getting better. I deadlifted the other night without any issues, I'll front squat tomorrow to see how it fares. I had been on the road to a 200kg squat by the end of the year, but I'll be happy to have the knee healthy and comfortable with anything over 140kg again now.
  2. tim290280

    Preferred Method of Squatting

    I prefer to squat medium and deep with a high bar and narrow grip. Even if I'm going wider and low bar I tend to keep a deep squat and narrow grip. Variety is good, especially if you are squatting anything over 1.5xBW. At that level it is good to rotate away from high box, back squat and low rep...
  3. tim290280

    Older Trainer Mass

    The main thing about getting older is the decline in hormone production. This is usually associated with declining muscle mass and activity as well as ageing. So maintaining the mass is a key part of keeping hormones up. The big thing is training to keep strength levels up while being joint...
  4. tim290280

    marijuana and training...............

    Sorry, but that is completely wrong. And another: And another: I did find two studies that counter this, both in the last 2 years. Both were looking at "healthy adults" and both were talking about low volumes of consumption. It still doesn't discount the amount of chemicals that are taken...
  5. tim290280

    Lee Priest Updates - Official Thread

    Lee has been in the sport for decades. He has had solid sponsorship that entire time. He gets paid appearance fees, he also is a pro-drag race driver, did the body capture for The Hulk movies, and if I'm not mistaken he won his last three shows easily. He's now 40 and has been competing since he...
  6. tim290280

    marijuana and training...............

    All negative. It kills lung capacity if you smoke it, lowers T levels, increases lethargy, makes you think Phish is a good band, increases use of "Dude, wouldn't it be cool if..." statements.
  7. tim290280

    Johnnie Jackson WOW (posing at the end too)

    Never seen an incline bench done quite that way before. Must be a good hip workout. JoJ continues to underwhelm me. His upper body is in the big leagues, his lower body is losing him comps. Oh, TKOL, you're looking big and lean in your pics. Good work.:xyxthumbs:
  8. tim290280

    Posterior Delt Injury

    Rear delts aren't used by pressing movements. If this was a tear you would have noticed a pull and swelling. I'm guessing a strain, which means rest. Maybe get some deep heat into it to stimulate blood flow to the area. Train around it, so no pulling exercises. See how deadlifts go, otherwise...
  9. tim290280

    Phil Heath guestposing a npc ohio

    Would love to see him dunk at this weight, that way some of those "BBers aren't athletes" guys would shut up.
  10. tim290280

    Member Anabolicus wins show and is sexually arressed.

    In which case I disagree with your comments. Not for any real reason, just because it is good to be contrarian and feel marginalised and justified in verbally lashing out at "the man".
  11. tim290280

    Member Anabolicus wins show and is sexually arressed.

    Agree with Line's comments, you completely outclassed the rest of the competition. Congrats.
  12. tim290280

    New MD Cover: Jay Cutler Bodybuilder of the decade

    Yawn. I wasn't questioning your sporting background, I was questioning your understanding of the competitive nature of sports. No one would think that they are the best unless they have beaten the best. If the best field is not present, then the title you have won is nice, but nothing more...
  13. tim290280

    Kai Greene Guest Posing March 17th, 2012 at the St. Louis Pro

    Is it just me or does it look like he hasn't really worked on his traps?
  14. tim290280

    New MD Cover: Jay Cutler Bodybuilder of the decade

    You have not understood my statment at all, nor my annalogy, and it seems you don't understand sports. At least someone understood. Spot on Flex!
  15. tim290280

    New MD Cover: Jay Cutler Bodybuilder of the decade

    Seriously?? To be the best you have to beat the best. Would you honestly say that because Darrem Charles won the NY Pro in 2005 that he was better than Ronnie and Jay? My point being that Ronnie was the best and he didn't compete in all of the events. The events he competed in he won (mostly)...