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Healthy adult males should have from one to nine nanograms per mL of GH in their blood.

Recent content by Rocky

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    So who of the bodybuilding dungeon era is still on here? :D

    This is like a 5h1t school reunion.
  2. R

    Happy Birthday Robcardu!

    Suck my balls Papi, :)
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    What happened to the MuscleMecca we used to have?

    Clint is a Sexually Transmitted disease? That does not surprise me.
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    Eastbound & Down season 2

    I have not. However I watched and enjoyed the first season so will purchase this at a later date.
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    Flex Magazine Covers with Dorian Yates

    His right arm had a bad bicep tear aswell which obviously didn;t help.
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    The Official Book Thread

    I'm reading graphic novesl because I'm too stupid to be captivated unless there are pictures. Been working my way through a lot of Frank Miller's stuff and Alan Moore. Thanks.
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    Tim Sylvia vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski!!

    Never watched an MMA fight but out of curiosity wtched the link to see how Pudz did. That was awful. Lamest fight I've ever seen. I've seen school fights with more heart than that.
  8. R


    You love it bitch.
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    Watermelon tits vs. watermelon

    My what a talented lass. Why and how would she discover she had such a talent for looking like a twat an bruising her ridiculous tits on a regular basis.
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    Best Fight Scene Of All Time

    This scene is awesome. Not least as it was done in one continuous take: Wha0brbb_44
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    EXPENDABLES - New Trailer w/Arnie, Sly and Bruce!

    They are doing 2 cuts - a Rambo style violent one and a watered down one to see how they fare with test audiences and they will release the more popular. I pray it is the harder cut or there will be many disappointed punters out there.
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    EXPENDABLES - New Trailer w/Arnie, Sly and Bruce!

    SWEEEETT!!!!! http://www.aintitcool.com/node/44473
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    Donna Simpson Sets Goal to Weigh 1000 lbs.

    Up to her if she wants to be a hideous blob of cretinism with no benefit to society. However there should be NO aid whatsoever from any health service, or other burden on resources that other people could use when she inevitably becomes too ill and unable to look after herself. She should be...
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    EBAY car - quick before it gets pulled!!

    Nice! :) 2005 RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE 16V BLUE on eBay (end time 23-Mar-10 15:10:07 GMT)
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    Pain is dead.

    Try proving anythings. That's all I have to say.