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Recent content by Pioneer

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    Breaking Bad

    Yes I agree, Walts wife was extremly annoying which is why I didnt like the start of season 4, it was mostly because of how annoying her charchter was.
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    Breaking Bad

    Yea I think it will be plain and simply due to its popularity if it continues, money talks as they say.
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    Breaking Bad

    I thought the start of Season Four was quite poor but it definitely picked up and the last couple of episodes were great. I am suprised there is apperantly going to be a Fifth Season, I also cant see where they will go with it, thought Season Four ended well it could have been a good place to...
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    Serge Nubret RIP

    Sad to hear, RIP Serge.
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    REAL vs Barcelona thread.

    Yea Ronaldo does let his emotions get the best of time at times. Ronaldo does have mad skills and a great Footballer but Messi's ability to read the game and control the ball takes him to another level. I dont think you can say Liga is over yet, I think the result of the next Classico will...
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    Omega3 vs Omega369

    I found this information useful as well, Thanks for your post Ben.
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    REAL vs Barcelona thread.

    Natzo you raised some great points and I fully agree with you about Mourino, he is the best thing to happen to Madrid in a long time, my post above went over issues Madrid have had in the past with buying players and using players but you are correct Mourino is completly different he knows what...
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    Nba Talk Thread

    Yea Blake has been insane still cant get over that play when he went to dunk but was too far away so just threw the ball in the hoop, but how about Dwight Howard how many times does he just out muscle players and then just dunk straight on them hes a monster.
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    REAL vs Barcelona thread.

    Yea huge issue with Real Madrid is they do the same thing over and over and over again they keep buying players with big names instead of buying players for positions they are weak in, like take the last couple of years their defense has been dreadful and they still just kept on buying attacking...
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    What happened to the MuscleMecca we used to have?

    Yea this probally has a lot to do with it, I also agree with Pickle and think this forum would be benefit from moving more towards powerlifting or atleast creates a powerlifting section.
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    Lighten Things Up Please

    Hey Admin I was just reading through a thread Serb just posted and he made a good point I think that this forum is a bit too gloomy. I know there are some fourms that give you the option of having a dark background and a light background. I was wondering is this something we could have set up...
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    What happened to the MuscleMecca we used to have?

    Serb this is a great topic and also a true topic, I remember when I first joined this forum I used to log on every day and like you said there was always some new thread and something interesting to read but now days to be honest I only log on to see if there is a new Zhanshi video released or...
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    15k - Line's NEW Top 100 Films of All Time

    I also enjoy reading you reviews and opinions on films, I really want to read what you have to say about the films towards the top of the list as well and second the opinion you should just do write ups for your top 25.
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    Started taking Anavite and wondering if anyone else takes it or has used it in the past and their opinions on the product. Is it worth the price? or am I better off taking a simple and cheaper muti-vitamin? "The Ultimate Performance Enhancing Multivitamin Supplement ANAVITE is far beyond a...
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    The Wire

    Finished watching it, your right it was ****ing awsome. It was no Wire but a good watch. Any other suggestions?