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Recent content by Big_Guns_Lance

  1. Big_Guns_Lance

    Bolton Deadlifting 964 RAW

    What a BEAST!
  2. Big_Guns_Lance

    UFC 121 Brock V Cain

    Damn, Brock really did get a beating. Cain made a good hit on Brocks chin as he went for a takedown couple mins into the round, from there on it was over for Brock. Would be good if there is a rematch and see how Brock goes about differently, he underestimated Cain.
  3. Big_Guns_Lance

    Mr Olympia 2010 - Results!

    Phil looked ****ing great, as did Jay. If Phil improves next year as much as he did this year he's gotta be Mr O.
  4. Big_Guns_Lance

    Big Guns Log!

    Not a lot of people can tackle me :smile: thanks pick. i play on wing and most of the time loop between the two centres and go for a run!
  5. Big_Guns_Lance

    What Weightlifting belt do you use ?

    I dont own one...
  6. Big_Guns_Lance

    El Freako: Staying North of Vag

    Strong squats man. Shame i'll be passing you soon :smile:
  7. Big_Guns_Lance

    Prince Vegeta's legacy

    Great push presses mate
  8. Big_Guns_Lance

    Fever fighting factory

    I agree with freako on the body part split being crappy. And that link he posted is a great read.
  9. Big_Guns_Lance

    Big Guns Log!

    I used to play throughout my high school days but then gave that up to have more freedom training. But, im playing in a memorial game for one of my relatives passing. I have to train though because i havent played in years.
  10. Big_Guns_Lance

    Mike Mentzer Classic Pics!

    i'll add some i can't see
  11. Big_Guns_Lance

    Big Guns Log!

    Thanks fella's Light day Ok, today i did a bit different from what i normally would do because i have severe DOMS in my quads from mondays squats. There that bad im struggling to walk so i decided its best to let them heal up. So i didnt do squats or regular deadlifts. Stiff legged deadlifts...
  12. Big_Guns_Lance

    It is decided

    Yeh i agree with dilated. I suggest you research around and find a routine suitable to the goals your looking for. Your training will be so much more organised.
  13. Big_Guns_Lance

    Prince Vegeta's legacy

    Huge squat volume! nice man
  14. Big_Guns_Lance

    Rob's Log

    Yeh morning training is horrid! Good job you manged to get that 120 later on.
  15. Big_Guns_Lance

    dilatedmuscle's Road to Somewhere

    Good squats and presses mate. Hows the injury?