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Recent content by Skeptic

  1. Skeptic

    El Freako: Staying North of Vag

    You do have terribly shifty shoulders Ben. I like clean grip for front squats, helps me keep my body more upright.
  2. Skeptic

    El Freako: Staying North of Vag

    *****. Do the front squats. I'm starting Sheiko 29 on monday.... I originally thought the front squats were based on the front squat 1rm... but they're based on the back squat 1rm haha
  3. Skeptic

    Weekend trainig

    Jim Wendler actually wrote up a 2day/week version of 5/3/1 in his book.
  4. Skeptic

    ironheart - in progress.

    You're still a beast Ironheart!
  5. Skeptic

    Your training philosophy in three sentences!

    Squat. Bench. Deadlift.
  6. Skeptic

    Your best workout advice?

    Learn to squat deep.
  7. Skeptic

    Pickle's log - So sexy it hurts.

    I like your squatting Pickle.
  8. Skeptic

    Pickle's log - So sexy it hurts.

    Are you doing 5/3/1 for squats??
  9. Skeptic

    Victor vs Phil - virtual face off

    In what way is Vic more separated?
  10. Skeptic

    El Freako: Staying North of Vag

    Don't choke.... lol.
  11. Skeptic

    Breaking Bad

    Have just finished Season 1 and started season 2 .... thoroughly enjoying it so far!
  12. Skeptic

    Tel me this is'nt Great! - More than a thousand

    Not too shabby. Not metal though.
  13. Skeptic

    Help recover my Pump

    Still get butt hurt easily I see Natzo :P
  14. Skeptic

    Help recover my Pump

    Lol, silly bodybuilders