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Recent content by tkD

  1. tkD

    2021 Arnold Classic Updates and News

    I thought he was not ready and pulled out so that he won't ruin his momentum for the Olympia. Hope he is alright though.
  2. tkD

    Favorite protein.

    I cook them in a pan with some coconut oil, and add some spinach (not as much as in this example photo from google). So I guess they're called fried eggs, sunny side up. ps. I also have half an avocado with them as well.
  3. tkD

    Favorite protein.

    5, and yes 😅
  4. tkD

    Instagram influencer, pro bodybuilder arrested in steroid case in Palm City

    Jeez, how do things like this even happen? Sending or receiving drugs via post, I mean really?
  5. tkD

    Favorite protein.

    I've tried Muscletech, Gaspari Nutrition, BSN, ON, and many more in the past, and for the last 4 years if not more I kept on buying ONLY Optimum Nutrition. The best taste for me from ON is Double Rich Chocolate. You just can't get tired of this taste. Other than the whey supps, my favorite...
  6. tkD

    2013 Battle For The Olympia

    Shame that Lionel Beyeke is not a top bb'er like in the past, but man, Big Ramy got even wider and bigger since then, and in 2013 he was already a monster.
  7. tkD

    2021 ARNOLD CLASSIC 12 Days Out

    It look like Bonac indeed has developed some gyno.
  8. tkD

    2013 Battle For The Olympia

    This was a great Mr O. Thank you all for posting these BFTO videos. 💪
  9. tkD


    I am not sure if he will comeback. He might just tease the bodybuilding world with a "comeback" so that he stays relevant for as long as possible. To me it looks like he is more interested in the business side of bodybuilding, like opening gyms, appearances etc. Just my 2 cents of course.
  10. tkD

    Jay Cutler Updates Official Thread

    ^^ Those insane square delts!
  11. tkD

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Organization Respond After “Screw Your Freedom” Comment

    He chose the wrong words when he said what he wanted to say. So still, fuck him, because we all know how much he has changed in his later years.
  12. tkD

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Updates Official Thread

    I still choose to judge him as Arnold the bodybuilder & actor, and Arnold the old politician & the sell-out. There's nothing wrong with some good pics and content from when he was the greatest bb of that era, but there is definitely a lot wrong with him now. But I do agree with you that...
  13. tkD

    RIP Phil Hernon

    RIP....too many bodybuilders died in the last months..
  14. tkD

    Covid is not like a flu

    I think it is safe to say that all of us here love Arnold the bodybuilder and action movie hero, but the old political Arnold has to be the worst. This cunt is so double standards, like a pure fucking democrat, so fuck his nazi opinions about freedom.
  15. tkD

    Guess this bodybuilders age!

    His face gave it away? Not really imo, how many 70 y/o's have a head full of hair lol? Most are getting bald in their 30's or even 20's if they're bodybuilders.