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Recent content by Jason_ke

  1. Jason_ke

    Amir Khan

    Amir Khan was the best bet ever! Can't wait to see how it turns out post pandemic.
  2. Jason_ke

    Floyd Mayweather

    I have been doin that this pandemic period. Quite nostalgic and priceless. It worth re-watching .
  3. Jason_ke

    Do you wear glasses?

    Seems you have a question but it's just not coming out clear!! Maybe you are concerned about people who wear glasses because you wear them too, or something?! It's like asking do you wear shoes? Many do wear shoes, but some dont!! Either way asking someone whether s/he wears shoes sound...
  4. Jason_ke

    Workout with music

    I don't like working out with headphones. Actually, hate putting things in or on my ears. listening to your environment can be a very good thing. Plugging your ears is remedy for disaster. You may fail to hear danger coming. Plus many sanger signals are usually sound, from hooting of vehicle to...
  5. Jason_ke

    RIP Brother Naazim Richardson

    Oh my. This is sad. I had not realized this. With the pandemic, it's sad such legends will not receive the kind of last respect the deserve. That was a life well lived. We will miss him. May he rest in peace.
  6. Jason_ke

    A man and his pet bear

    Haha..this is funny. But come to think of it, whoever came up with the teddy bear idea. Why was the bear chosen and yet they are not friendly or domesticated animals. Maybe just because the teddy bear looks cute and fluffy and all that? huh!
  7. Jason_ke

    Curious Case of Tyson Fury and Nandrolone Boar Meat

    This is just funny!! Haha... How do you get doped from eating meat? He should have just admitted, instead of sounding ridiculous!!!
  8. Jason_ke

    Who were the best bodybuilders of all time?

    I would go with Arnold, he stood the taste of time. And he is a good example of "you can be anything you set your mind to". He managed to go from body building, to movies and then to politics. That's really great.
  9. Jason_ke

    Nonito Donaire vs Nordine Oubaali

    A must watch, cant wait. The French toast!!!
  10. Jason_ke

    Long distance runner finished the race by crawling

    Pretty sad actually. Teaches us that we should never give up. Even when our friends and relative have given up on us. Or we fell like our body is giving up on us. We should soldier on to the finish line.
  11. Jason_ke

    Sylvester Stallone pics

    Sylvester Stalon usually does this thing with his upper lip that i just like. And the guy is aging gracefully i must say.
  12. Jason_ke

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Updates Official Thread

    This is a great photo. I had not seen this particular one before. Legendary!
  13. Jason_ke

    Breaks or no breaks???

    Breaks for me. They are necessary to enable the muscles to get used to the new stretch, push or pull. But this may be unique to everyone. I am using the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding Mobile App!
  14. Jason_ke

    Create Steroidify's new slogan and earn $500

    Glad to hear that. Even if I missed the grant prize. So the slogan is: " your reliable source?" I am using the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding Mobile App!
  15. Jason_ke

    Another half-price promo - Ends tonight

    Oops seems I missed this one. When is the next half-price promotion. Wouldnt want to miss it again I am using the MuscleMecca Bodybuilding Mobile App!