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Recent content by lokielovesbunny

  1. L

    Does daily training abuse the body?

    I think "Yes" it can damage the muscles or tissue as they need some time too, to grow as well, taking supplement works best in this case it repairs the body and tissues, if your doing one particular exercise over the period of time you will be noticed that there is no growth can lead to injury...
  2. L

    Is Coconut Sugar good or bad?

    Trust me, if it is in raw state, like there is no added sugar you can go as it has really great benefits to your body, don't worry about the calories, even an apple has more calories than coke but still it does wonders to our body.
  3. L

    Fruit and Veg for Fatloss

    I would suggest you to go with both, since both are the great present for us, by this existence anything that has given by the earth directly to us, and if you are consuming them raw, trust me nothing will be imperfect in your life as the life and its all sources are so perfect that we can't...
  4. L

    Smoothies at night?

    Is it ok to have smoothies at night for weight lose, I read an article in which they've mentioned that, healthy smoothies can do the wonder, if its made of raw veggies, and fruits, there many ways to have smoothies in-fact people sometimes prone to add more sugar which is not at all healthy for...
  5. L

    Eating Out / Having it to go or Cooking your meals at home, what do you do most?

    I think cooking food at home is more hygiene and pure than the food we get outside, in-fact you get you mind fresh as study reveals that, by you cooking may release your stress-level, its a good habit everyone should learn cooking.
  6. L


    We all know that, eating junk food can lead to adverse effect on our body, not only but diabetic type-2 fatty, liver, and the list goes on and on. As per the research around 48% children consume junk food in their day to day life. its very important to choose healthy diet when it come to body...
  7. L

    Cardio on empty stomach....?

    Yes, I think we're pretty much there, cardio with empty stomach can really do the wonder, but that's not the case with everyone, as some people have health issue if they exercise without having or drinking in the morning, even its a bit of eating, but it should be there otherwise, some healthy...
  8. L

    Should we take proteins in the beginning of our body-building career?

    A lot of people say, that we shouldn't consume the protein in the beginning if you are a noob, you body is not habitual of it, hence taking supplement can harm your body. is it even true? because I think there are varieties of protein available in market as per one's need and choice. They all...
  9. L

    Soft Drinks at night?

    Is it ok to have soft-drinks at night, as sometimes this feeling having something like coke or smoothies push you to have at night, it happened with me a lot, my younger brother is not at all fitness freak all he has all the soft-drinks can and bottles in the fridge he sometimes comes and offers...
  10. L

    Is it okay to skip dinner?

    I don't think you should avoid dinner, as skipping dinner can be a uncomfortable sometimes , as it can wake you at mid-night , its better to eat something healthy rather than skipping the meal, opt oats, or maybe fruits or diet full of fiber not you will get the decent sleep but will increase...
  11. L

    Teeth problems

    Well, there is no way around, that could be serious as well, there are some remedy that you can use, but still who knows how big the problem is, its better for you to go and visit dentist at least they provide you the proper treatment. I can understand going to dentist can be bit expensive, but...
  12. L

    Foods to Avoid on a Diet?

    I think food that should be avoid especially at night is the "Rice" as they are full of carbs and sugar, its better to consume it during the day, otherwise it can lead to weight-gain. however every coin has two sides there people who believe eating rice can't increase the weight as most of the...
  13. L

    Morning Run

    Not everyone is the morning person there are people get up late, there should be jogging or running routine in your exercise plan. however if it is in the morning you take the most benefits by doin it
  14. L

    One Exercise Is Enough?

    There have many websites for fitness freak a few days back read an article were showing many exercise out of which push-up were the best to do, and you can give boost to every part of your body, like your arms, legs abs, and all, is really true that only push it self is enough for exercise?
  15. L

    Does Ice-cream have bundle of vitamins?

    I don't know whether it is right or wrong, as I read in the articles a few days back that, ice-cream is the huge source of Vitamins, not only this but there was the list of vitamins that was in there, such as Vitamins -A, B-6, b-12, C, E, D. and, surprised me other thing was the minerals . is it...