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Recent content by joligr

  1. J

    2013 Arnold Classic Europe!

    Kai is ON and I'll give Rolley 3rd
  2. J

    Mr Olympia 2013 Updates and info thread!

    That's all Kai needs, condition. Much bigger than Phil, and Phil knows it, check up his face during prejuging... He will win just because Kai is not dry enough
  3. J

    Mr Olympia 2013 Updates and info thread!

    More separation and bigger calves for sure, he is not going to be a new overhyped Dennis Wolf
  4. J

    2011 Sheru Classic! - Official thread

    Re: Sheru Classic! - Official thread waooooo Victor, this man in shape the only one who can beat Phil in the future
  5. J

    Kai Greene Updates Official Thread

    re: Kai Greene Updates - Official Thread Totally agree with gv0861. I think it is his midsection and that round-shoulder structure mixed with those average develop traps. Huge shoulders but that shape make poses like most muscular unsightly.
  6. J

    Kai and Phil Guestposing. - KAI puts PHIL in The POCKET!!!!

    Kai makes Phil's arms look tiny in the FDB pose. Huuuuge
  7. J

    The lastet BB Future: Mohamed Salama ..OMG!

    quite noticiable those lateral syntholed delts, I hope he hasn't done with his calves...
  8. J

    2011 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure & Bikini Micelanea Pics!

    Re: 2011 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Figure & Bikini Micelaneas! Kai is not just legs, lower lats, thickness... WTF...ing huge arms, best bicep peak since Ronnie. This man could be the freakiest BBer ever seen
  9. J

    Cedric McMillan vs Roelly Winklaar

    Ronnie is from another planet my friend... Phil is a fantastastic BBer but not as dominant as you think he is. Maybe two or three Olympias, let's see Cedric, Evan, in 2014 for example... Even a Kay Green in his best shape could defeat Phil right now
  10. J

    Cedric McMillan vs Roelly Winklaar

    Yes, better flow and structure than Phil and 6,1". Cedric is just beginning his career, obviously is far away from Phil now but time to time... He reminds me a young Ronnie Coleman
  11. J

    Cedric McMillan vs Roelly Winklaar

    Cedric has MrO potential for sure, even more than Phil. I just only see a week point, his biceps, no peak and no separation
  12. J

    Victor Martinez explains what happened behind the scenes at the 2011 Arnold Classic

    Re: Victor Martinez explains what happened behind the scenes at the 2011 Arnold Class I'm a great Victor's fan but he has a serious problem with his vastus lateralis viewed from the front and recently a gut totally out of control. A shame
  13. J

    Kai back training and looking good.

    Freaky, best biceps and lower lats in the business