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  • Hey mate how are you,i see you pics and i can tell you as a friend you back are very good and legs too,but you have problem with chest they are small and thin,i will write you what help me to get massive chest :D

    First you must do chest alone,and never do more then 10reps,every exerices do with heavy weights and maximum concentration
    1.dips do a 4-5 sets of dips and if you can do more then 10reps add some weights on your belt
    2.bench press do a 5 sets
    1 set 10 reps
    2 set 8 reps
    3 set 6 reps
    4 set 2-3 reps
    5 set 10 reps
    3.incline bench press 4 sets 6-8reps
    4.dumbell flyes 4 sets 6-8 reps
    5.pullover 4 sets 8-10reps
    and in the and do a crossover 3 sets 8-10reps

    Try this mate and cheers
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