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  1. Bone Yard

    water retention/diuretics. HELP.

    im doing a comp in 2 weeks (natural) ANB here in Australia. and was wondering, i dont know much about diuretics whats not and whats banned. so a little guidance would be much appreciated. ive read some people looking flat, ive seen herbal diuretics around, would they be enough? im pretty...
  2. Bone Yard

    Epistane Help

    Good Day fellas : im starting my first cycle of epistane - taking 40mgs a day. my questions are: 1. how do i prevent acne breakout? 2. what type of PCT do i require? 3. any other info i should know? ive read thru the forums and read about epistane here. i just need to narrow it down abit...
  3. Bone Yard

    First Competition...need help to put on mass

    im 70kg now, im looking to put on as much muscle as i can in a year. what kind of stuff should i be eating. i want to narrow it down to a few things.. appreciate the help. :methman:
  4. Bone Yard

    Thermogenic effects of NICOTINE

    Thermogenic effect of chewing gum - Energy Metabolism - Author Abstract Nutrition Research Newsletter, July, 2003 Cigarette smoking is recognized as one of the most important preventable causes of premature death,, mainly because it increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, lung...
  5. Bone Yard

    ECA without the EPHEDRINE? does it work?

    ECA without the EPHEDRINE? does it work? im finding it very hard to get eph so im wondering just using a coffee stim and aspirin. would it work? all i can get my hands on are pseudoeph
  6. Bone Yard

    Dissapointed about Fallout 3

    loved the story and the gameplay, just upset that they are not really expansion on the ps3 version - only on 360 and PC. anybody played the game?
  7. Bone Yard

    NRL(rugby) vs NFL -which code is tougher?

    I personally think, NRL players are alot tougher, due to the fact these guys dont wear any protection - unlike NFL players which wear a tonne of padding. Discuss.
  8. Bone Yard


    Has anybody used Usnic Acid before in fat loss? (species lipolyze) i just got a bottle today and read up on it being toxic and was wondering, in what amount would of it would it get HIGHLY toxic? anybody get good results while on it? anybody got sick?
  9. Bone Yard


    hey has anybody experienced headaches after using thermogenics? if so, how did you overcome it and how long did it take for the headaches to stop. ive been using this dymatize dyma burn extreme for about 2 weeks, and when i dont take it for a day. headaches come... if you could help me with...