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Thread: Current news

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    Current news

    Sorry haven't been checking in much, things are insane lately and I just no longer sleep basically.

    The ban has been pushed out for public comment period. Who knows how long that will be 1 day or indefinitely.

    right now stock is pretty low on kratom powder but lots of extracts and enhanced kratom available. New kratom will be arriving very soon. There are new products we are now carrying, some all natural some chems.

    A few of those are:

    Checkout the site for more details under each product. Also there are big things happening over at the Supplement site (https://thesupplementsyndicate.com) we are uploading a live datafeed which basically means we will have over 5,000 supplement products available to you.
    Think Vitamin shop on roids!! All major brand names. Should be ready in 1-2 weeks. If you LOG IN to the supplement syndicate website you will see a category appear that wasn't there if you where a guest browsing the website. PEPTIDES! We have new stock that came in today! and not all of it is on the site yet. check it out below

    Will be ready in about a week. Just waiting on making some labels, if you don't care about labels then order up.

    100% MADE IN THE USA. PRICES TO GOOD TO BELIEVE I KNOW. re-introductory sales prices!!!

    Shipping is $6 usps priorty

    email me at sales@thesupplementsyndicate.com
    payment c/c, circle pay, bitcoin.

    DSIP 5mg $27

    Oxytocin 2mg $19

    selank 10mg $19

    Epithalon 10mg $19

    GHRP-2 5MG $19

    CJC1295 NO DAC 10MG $60

    igf-1r3 1mg $49

    Mt2 10mg $29

    bac water 30ml bottle $19

    The Kratom Syndicate- Use 5OFF for discount
    Kratom Forum- Sign up to get Free samples and Discount codes
    The Supplement Syndicate HUGE selection of Supplements
    The Nootropic Syndicate High quality Nootropics at affordable prices

    Current news

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    Re: Current news

    You should talk to ta. He will put up a link or banner to the petition you posted before.

    I don't get how a weed that grows naturally can be illegal and I sure don't know how a thing like kratom can be banned.

    I'll be hitting you guys up at some point when I'm in need. Kratom has been a big help to me.

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