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    Tried and true, one of the best liver support products.

    What do you guys do or use as a liver aid? I remember my first cycle the
    >> guys at the gym told me I had to get 'Milk thistle' as it was the only
    >> thing that would save my liver from being mince meat lol. I remember
    >> taking it daily as I was using my first cycle of dbol just praying I
    >> would not need a liver transplant from doing these harmful oral
    >> steroids! lol, I have learned a lot since then, and I now know steroids
    >> are not these horrible things that I thought there were. I've taken
    >> Liv-52 or 'Liver care' for many many years. I really do think it has
    >> made a difference in my liver, as my AST and ALT are generally in check
    >> when I get my blood work done. Heres a good read on Liv-52, this supp
    >> has more studies done on it then any other liver support aid on the
    >> market, its kinda cool to see the research on their site. Have a look,
    >> if you guys use anything that you think is great lmk, I am always
    >> looking for new supps to take to combat AAS side effects, & keep myself
    >> healthy.
    >> https://depotorder.co/blog/posts/liver-care-liv-52
    >> Thanks guys,
    >> G

    Geardepot USA Domestic http://depotorder.co

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    Re: Tried and true, one of the best liver support products.

    what is in the liveraid? did doctor say your numbers were bad? my bilirubin a little high and my alt. I'm scared about my liver.



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