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    ^^^^ then will eat a family fest after teh rapes lulz

    [OCT 08,FEB 09|MOTM] DriDDeRz
    [2008 MOTY|2nd]

    My Inbox is always open for Questions & help regarding anything

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    ^ Will end up with aids :keke:

    She really looks like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a bike chain.

  3. #1263
    ^^ already has aids :keke:

  4. #1264

  5. #1265
    ^^ just invinted Super aids

  6. #1266
    ^^^ passing the aids around everyone has AIDS......AIDS AIDS AIDS

  7. #1267
    ^ Remembered that super aids was already invented :keke:

  8. #1268
    ^^ is scared to come to louisiana and have an eatin contest

  9. #1269
    ^^^^ stop talking about food im hungry lulz

  10. #1270
    ^ is jealous of my sandwiches

  11. #1271
    ^^^ Sandwich hogger

  12. #1272
    ^^ needs to go get something to eat(maybe KFC)

  13. #1273
    ^^ definately should get Dridderz and myself some KFC.

  14. #1274
    ^^ needs to buy me a plane ticket to australia so i can get you and dridderz some KFC

  15. #1275
    ^ Should mail us over some KFC.

  16. #1276
    named after a suppository.

    Without music, life would be a mistake. ~ F. Nietzsche

    "Incantation" :music:

  17. #1277
    ^^ might get sick from the nasty ass KFC that would end up in australia if i mailed it

    edit: meant for skeptic but skindef was typing at the same time as me

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