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    Just that it's May 19th in Utah; venue is still up in the air, but with smaller shows that's pretty common. I'm being matched up against Gary...something; Can't remember his name from the e-mail, but he's 6-3 and likes to bang. I hear his cardio is bad though and he likes to avoid the ground, so there's two things I'll swing my way for sure.

    I don't even feel worthy to be around Jeremy Horn(he's easily one of my favorite fighters in MMA), but being able to train with him is too amazing an opportunity to pass up. I'll probably sound like an idiot the entire time, but I hope to have this go through

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    you get past those jitters OBE, a good session of few sessions with someone of the calibur of Jeremy Horn could help give you some great new tricks for your ground game, make sure to get some pics and or keep us updated on your prep for the fight bro, all the best luck with that


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    damn OBE that is an honor that will do nothing but make you better. congrats.

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    damn that's not the kevin randleman i remember

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    I found this minute-by-minute on Sherdog concerning Bodog's recent 'event' to be quite hilarious:


    @ Fedor calling Matt a 'man baby'


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    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric

    So I have a line on possibly training with Jeremy Horn for my fight in May. Yeah, I'm freaking out a little bit about that
    Thats awesome mate!! You must be a more then able fighter!! Like the other guys, I cant wait for the pics.. keep us updated

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    @ Dana trying to make Sinosic sound credible against Bisping. Why do they keep bringing this putz back? He's as bad as Cote; 1-5 in the UFC, with a freak win over Jeremy Horn being the only luck he's had in the big league.


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    i love the "one-of-the-best-grapplers-in-the-world" comment, if Bisping doesnt destroy him, its an embarrassment


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    Its as if Elvis is the only guy around willing to throw a fight for Dana...


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    Quote Originally Posted by JS316
    Its as if Elvis is the only guy around willing to throw a fight for Dana...
    Ignore this post... I feel terrible for saying that. I dont want to discredit this great sport


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    MMA fights aren't thrown in the U.S.

    We just have moronic judges that make said corruption unnecessary


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    spot whats wrong in this picture....

    hint: shorts


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    Sinosic's shorts say MAMA???


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    Bisping is wearing FUBU.


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    lol i missed that


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    There is something about Andrei Arlovski that none of us have realised, something that will give him a HUGE advantage over Fabricio Werdum tonight...he is Spartan...dont beliee me? The evidence is undisputable;


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    @ Silva raising his arm, only to be punked by Buffer announced Kongo as the winner. He needs a ground game for sure, but I was hugely relieved to see the lay-and-pray idiot not take this one home. Cheik's standup was awesome


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    HOLY SHIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just finished watching the Ganzaga/Cro Cop fight. DANNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!! Never saw that coming.


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