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    look whos been training with Couture

    GOOOOO COUTURE :linedrunk:


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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    oh man, this fight is gonna be interesting


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    so i dont have enough time to give a detailed description like before but nonetheless here are my picks for UFC 74...

    Aurelio over Guida
    Mir over Hardonk
    Heath over Sobral
    Leities over Jensen
    Cote over Grove
    Pellegrino over Stevenson
    St. Pierre over Koscheck
    Crane over Huerta
    Couture over Gonzaga

    as everyone can see i have alot of underdog picks, thats just because there were good odds on those guys, id be fine getting every single one of those picks wrong so long as St. Pierre and Couture win


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    For those of you that didn't already know, Diego Sanchez left Team Jackson. Alot of people speculated that it was because of either St. Pierre training there or because he blamed Jackson for his loss to Koscheck. So here's a nice little interview with Diego on the subject:

    Quote Quote

    "Throughout this month, we’ve been following the amicable split between Diego Sanchez and his long-time trainer, Greg Jackson.

    In fact, the “Nightmare” is now working with Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Saulo Ribeiro and his team at University of Jiu Jitsu (UNIJJ) in San Diego, Calif.

    While all this was happening, former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre announced that he decided to become a full-time member of Team Jackson — he had been training here and there with the camp for months prior.

    So did the presence of “Rush” force the move of Sanchez? According to a recent “Mr. Sunshine” Steve Cofield interview with the New Mexico native, it did.

    Sanchez explains in the audio snip that he felt Jackson had lost faith in him when he made the decision to help out the Canadian. In addition, he mentions that eventually him and St. Pierre will eventually cross paths and that “building a brotherhood” just didn’t make sense if that was going to happen.

    There’s a lot more to the interview (he confirms his engagement to UFC Ring Girl Ali Sonoma) … but we just want to update this specific story with that caveat. It is certainly more than just “wanting to be closer to his family” like we were initially led to believe."


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    Apparently Fedor Emelianenko's management will be in Las Vegas/Los Angeles from the 27th - 31st, during which time they are hoping to finalize a contract signing with some organization. Right now the UFC has made him the most substantial offer, but they (as far as i have heard) have refused to let him compete in Combat Sambo (which he is the world champion for in Russia) Other orgs that have made him offers include IFL, Strikeforce, EXC, FEG (K-1 Heroes) In my opinion anything but the UFC is useless for Fedor in terms of competition, exposure, and money.


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    look whos coming back strong


    "Bonjaski: Mirko has lost things of his stand up, but its normal after 6 years in MMA
    For that we are here, to make it (his stand up) better again, like before

    Yvel: Kongo is a realy strong guy. When i fought him, i thought that i am big and stong, but he is more. He is bigger and stronger than me, but these things dont win in a fight. So if 'Mirko is aggresive enough with good stamina, he wont get bigger problems with Kongo...."

    you know your training hard when you don't have time to shave


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    pretty good Rashad Evans interview

    Quote Quote
    Rashad Evans Chats With HACNews
    By: Luis Cruz
    I caught up with Rashad Evans last night to discuss a variety of topics including Tito Ortiz and their first meeting in detail, rumor killer on rematch in October, new Pride talent in UFC and how he matches up with each of them, his predictions on some of the upcoming fights including UFC 74 this Saturday, and much more.
    LC: This is Luis Cruz for HACNews.com. I'm joined by one of UFC's top Light-Heavyweight contenders, "Sugar" Rashad Evans. What's going on, man?
    RE: Not much man, just chilling in my room in Mandalay Bay. That's about it.
    LC: Real quick, let me ask you a question. We talked about your nickname "Sugar" before. Who'd you say came up with that? It was one of your trainers?
    RE: Yeah, Mike Van Arsdale.
    LC: I think you should let the HACNews staff come up with a new one for you.
    RE: Yeah? What's that?
    LC: I got a couple of options. We got "Rabid" Rashad Evans, you could bite people during fights and leave a mark. We've got Rashad "Everlasting" Evans, "Rambo" Rashad Evans...
    RE: (Laughs)
    LC: The last one is, Rashad "Don't call me Forrest Whitaker" Evans.
    RE: Oh, Forrest Whitaker, oh that's wrong man! (Laughs)
    LC: (Laughs) Just playing, let's get to business. The first thing I'm going to talk about, everybody keeps talking about, the first fight with Tito Ortiz. Real quick, squash that rumor. Rematch in October?
    RE: The rematch has not been scheduled yet. Not in October. It was never scheduled to be there. I was never approached about it.
    LC: You think that fight's going to happen this year?
    RE: I hope it happens this year. I'm pretty sure it'll happen. But I don't know. I really hope it gets done. You know?
    LC: We're going to go back and talk about the first fight here real quick. Why were you so tentative to go after Tito? Were you overly worried about his wrestling or take-downs?
    RE: I wasn't at first, but after that first take-down, I was kind of like "Aw man" I just wanted to plant my feet, but after that I was a little more tentative on the take downs.
    LC: There was a bit of a size difference we talked about (yesterday). Was that a problem for you at all?
    RE: Um, no, it wasn't a problem. He was big. He was strong. But as the fight went on, he felt like everybody else. I felt much bigger. I felt much stronger. Brad Imes was much bigger and stronger, but Tito was definitely strong too.
    LC: As the fight progressed, you obviously got more confident. You had the second round where he held onto the cage. You could've had a couple of takedowns in that round. You got caught in a guillotine. What happened there, and how tight was it?
    RE: What happened there, I knew there was not much time left on the clock. I took him down and I heard Big John say something. Tito pauses. I pause. Then he snaps on a guillotine. At first it was really tight, but then I put my shoulder into the side then I felt him kind of relax. Then he flips me over and then he gets up and stands over and kicks me a little bit and starts talking shit.
    LC: So you weren't in any danger?
    RE: Nah, he wasn't going to be able to finish that if he started that choke at the beginning of the round.
    LC: What about when he grabbed the cage? Do you think that cost you the round?
    RE: Um, it did man. Him grabbing the cage had a huge change in what the fight would've looked like. I would've taken him down. After he got up, he would've been in a different world altogether. So yeah, it definitely changed the fight.
    LC: Now in the third round, you had to have known the fight was really close to a draw at that point. Why didn't you go for the finish when Tito was extremely tired?
    RE: I didn't really see it like that. I was kind of tired too. I didn't see it like "Oh, okay now!" Like my mom said (In his best imitation mother's voice), "Rashad, I was watching you on TV. And how come when the announcers said 'Rashad's got him finished.' How come you didn't pounce on him?'" I was like "Ma, how the fuck am I supposed to know the announcers said he's finished? I can kind of tell he's winded and tired. But I can't tell he's done."
    LC: (Laughs) Is that how your mom talks?
    RE: That's what she said. (Laughs)
    LC: How would you approach the rematch? Would you have the same game plan? Or would you change some things up?
    RE: I'd just be more aggressive. More aggressive at the beginning. Being in a fight of that magnitude definitely wears on you in ways you don't anticipate. As the fight drew closer, I got more and more nervous. It just built up and it affected my performance. I wasn't in that attack mode in the beginning.
    LC: In a post-fight interview, Tito had made a couple of comments about you. The first one was he wasn't that impressed with you. He also said you weren't as strong as he thought you were going to be. He thought you were kind of weak. Do you want to reply to that?
    RE: Obviously if he couldn't impose his will on me, then that makes him more weak than me or just as strong as me. (Laughs)
    LC: Did he impress you at all? Maybe his wrestling or strength?
    RE: No, he was a little better than I thought he was going to be. But that's about it.
    LC: From A to F, grade your performance in that fight.
    RE: In that fight, probably... I don't know. I'd say probably a C+
    LC: How's your guys relationship right now? Is there still all that bad blood?
    RE: We don't like each other. It's not for show. If I saw him on the street I'd knock him... nah, I wouldn't do that. I'm just joking. I'm a professional athlete. (laughs)
    LC: What was the starting point of this feud?
    RE: It was at the UFC in April. When he came up to me and tried to put me down. He tried to stand over me and look tough and I wasn't buying into any of that.
    LC: You told me he was giving you a couple of stare downs.
    RE: Yeah, he walked by me like seven or eight times because he was sitting in the same row just a few seats down. He had a few of his fighters fighting that night. Then he walked by and looked at me and looked away... It was a bunch of childish shit.
    LC: Lets say you're able to beat Tito in the rematch, where do you think that puts you in the now, pretty stacked, UFC Light-Heavyweight division?
    RE: I really don't pay attention to that. I guess if he was number 2, that really puts me out there. The thing about this game is you're always one fight away from being put out the door. (Laughs) So I really don't know.
    LC: Lets say they offered you a title shot, would you take it? Or would you prefer to fight a couple more top tier guys.
    RE: I'll take it if they offered me a title shot, but I'm a patient guy. Getting there and getting to that big fight is going to be something in itself. I just want to enjoy myself and going to enjoy the fights. I don't feel a need to rush it.
    LC: I'm going to throw a couple names at you from the division. Just tell me your thoughts on them and how you feel you match up against them.
    Maurcio "Shogun" Rua.
    RE: I think he's a great fighter. I think I match up really well with him. Actually, I think we compliment each other in different areas. I think it'd be an exciting fight.
    LC: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
    RE: Quinton's a funny, charismatic, cool dude. He was probably one of my favorite fighters for the longest time. It'd be fun to fight him.
    LC: Wanderlei "The Axe Murderer" Silva
    RE: I would love to fight Wanderlei. I mean, he's also one of my favorite fighters. I love the tenacity he brings out there. It's like somebody went out there and just slapped his mama.
    LC: (Laughs)
    RE: I like that about him. I would love to fight someone like him. Because if you fight somebody like that, it brings out the best in you. I think he'd definitely bring out the best in me.
    LC: Dan Henderson
    RE: Aw man, I look up to Dan Henderson. Dan Henderson's a cool dude. He's got nothing but kind things to say and he's always cool to be around. We come from the same background. It would be whoever has the best game plan that day.
    LC: And finally Chuck Liddell
    RE: What more can you say about Chuck? He proves himself time and time again. He's probably one of the best mixed martial arts of all time. He was knocking people out left and right. Seven or eight people, I don't care if you're knocking out cans or not. That's an amazing streak and you can never take away anything he's done. I'd love to fight him too.
    LC: I think that's the first time I heard a fighter use the word can in the meaning of fighters. I thought that was only forum people. (Laughs)
    RE: (Laughs)
    LC: Aside from Tito, is there anybody you'd like to face soon?

    RE: Nah. It's never personal enough for me to say, "I want to fight him next." It's just a job. It's never too personal to take it to that level. Whoever I got to fight, I fight
    LC: What about the Middleweight division? Do you think you could cut down to 185 and be comfortable at that weight?
    RE: Nah, I couldn't do it. I could probably cut down. But I always told myself when I have to start cutting weight and it starts affecting me for my fight, that's when it wouldn't be fun to fight. I always want to keep it fun so I never want to cut weight like that.
    LC: So you'd never consider it?
    RE: Never say never. Anything can happen, but I wouldn't want to.
    LC: You are training with Jackson camp's newest guy, Georges St. Pierre. You're helping him train for his fight against Josh Koscheck, are you the main guy who's helping him with his take-down defense because of you're wrestling.
    RE: No, actually, I'm not. Believe it or not, Georges has a wealth of experience when it comes to wrestling. He may not have the credentials like Koscheck and what not, but he's really good on his back. He trains with the Olympic training team in Montreal. He's pretty well rounded when it comes to wrestling.
    LC: What are your thoughts on Georges [St. Pierre] as a fighter and how do you see that fight going with Josh [Koscheck]?
    RE: I see Georges getting back to his own rhythm. How he does things, quick, precise, on point, really accurate. I see him shutting out Koscheck. I really hope he performs to the best of his ability, because if he does, he'll come out the victor.
    LC: Another one of your friends and training partner, Keith Jardine, is taking on Chuck Liddell. What's your outlook on that fight?
    RE: I think it's a good fight for Keith because Keith's a hell of a puncher, and I think he has a hell of a chance in that fight. I think he's got a good chance in that fight not because he's my teammate, but because he's had that loss to put him in the right direction make him a better fighter. I like Keith in that fight.
    LC: I want to get your quick prediction of other fights coming up. First Dan Henderson vs. Quinton Jackson?
    RE: I can't even call it. If he [Jackson] goes out there and fights like he fought Chuck, like the old "Rampage"... if he fights like that, Dan's in trouble. But if he goes out there fighting like he did Shogun, real cautious, I think he's going to be in trouble with Dan. It'll all depend on which "Rampage" shows up.
    LC: Shogun taking on Forrest?
    RE: For some reason, I'm going with Forrest in this fight. I have this feeling Forrest is going to catch him. I don't know if I've seen it in a dream. But I see Forrest catching him.
    LC: You think Forrest has the power to knock Shogun out?
    RE: You get caught right by anybody, you can get knocked out. You know what I'm saying? I think if Forrest does what he's supposed to do and stays in the pocket while Shogun gets done attacking, I think he can catch him with a right cross. When Shogun throws those kicks, his hands are down and he doesn't show good defense.
    LC: I agree with your take on "Rampage" and Henderson but not that one. (Laughs) Nakamura and Machida.
    RE: I can't even call it. I haven't watched either one of them enough to predict the fight.
    LC: Some UFC 74 fights now. Randy Couture or Gabriel Gonzaga?
    RE: I like Randy Couture. Randy has done a lot since he's been away for a year. He's been around some good guys. I think his ground game is a lot better than people know. I look for him to grind it out and impose his will on him. Fourth round stoppage.
    LC: That was my prediction in my UFC 74 break down article also. Bisping and Hamill?
    RE: Um, I think Bisping is going to run into some problems. For some reason, I think Hamill is going to get him.
    LC: We'll have to disagree there too. Houston Alexander vs. Alessio Sakara?
    RE: I don't know. I would've said Houston at one time, but I don't know. I only got to see a minute and thirty seconds of him. He's a very powerful fighter. If he can catch him, Sakara's in trouble.
    LC: Mirko Cro Cop and Cheick Kongo
    RE: I'm going to go with Mirko.
    LC: Now I'm going to do some "Word Association". You give me the first thing that comes to your mind.
    LC: Houston Alexander
    RE: Explosive. Strong.
    LC: Michael Bisping
    RE: I don't even know. (Long pause)
    LC: Be honest.
    RE: I don't know too much about Bisping. Can't really say.
    LC: Matt Hamill
    RE: Improving. He's definitely going to be tough to take out.
    LC: Kimbo Slice
    RE: Entertaining. I like him. I want him to make more internet videos.
    LC: He's in MMA now.
    RE: Yea, I heard he fought Ray Mercer.
    LC: Yup, wasn't a great idea to put that on.
    RE: I heard. (Laughs)
    LC: Moving on, next president of the United States?
    RE: Obama, Barrack Obama
    LC: Keith Jardine
    RE: The mother fuckin' man! Is that too strong of a word? (Laughs)
    LC: "Sugar", for now, Rashad Evans
    RE: Charismatic. Soon to be Light-Heavyweight champion of the world. (Laughs)
    LC: You're way too modest.
    This next, new, segment is "True or False". All I want to hear is true or false, no explanations.
    RE: Ok.
    LC: Rashad Evans is ghetto.
    RE: False.
    LC: Barry Bonds record is tainted.
    RE: True.
    LC: Rashad Evans likes to club baby seals.
    RE: False. (Laughs)
    LC: (Laughs) Just playing.
    Steroids are a problem in MMA
    RE: False.
    LC: Rashad prefers brunettes over blondes.
    RE: Uh... true.
    LC: The last one is, Seth Petruzelli is hung like a fruit bat.
    RE: Hung like a baby. Hung like a newborn baby. (Laughs)
    LC: (Laughs) We have to mess our buddy Seth, we still got love for him.
    The last segment is "Get2Know Rashad Evans." It's just a series of questions outside of MMA.
    Who was your idol growing up, non family member?

    RE: Mike Tyson
    LC: Tell us the last time you got into a street fight.
    RE: I can't say that or I'll incriminate myself. (Laughs) But I was trying to stick up for some girl, trying to defend her honor.
    LC: Did you win?
    RE: I had to put it on them, man. (Laughs)
    LC: Who's your favorite Hollywood actress?
    RE: Halle Berry
    LC: Who's your favorite football team?
    RE: Buffalo Bills
    LC: How do you think they're going to do this year?

    RE: We're going to the Super Bowl.
    LC: Doubt it. (Laughs) The last one is, describe yourself as a person outside of MMA.
    RE: Funny, loves people, smart. Did I say beautiful? Beautiful!
    LC: Before I let you go, any sponsors you want to mention, anything you want to say to your fans
    RE: I would just like to thank all the people who come out to support the sport of MMA. The people who love me. The people who don't. Either way, it's all good. I'd like to thank TapOut, Affliction, everybody.
    LC: Well thanks Rashad, good luck in the future with whatever comes up for you, we'll talk again soon.
    RE: Thanks Cruz.
    LC: Take care.


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    thanx for the updates CC..

    also.. how have u got Huerta losing? the guys awesome..

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    logically i would think Huerta would win...but due to the odds im going against him...also you guys have to realise Huerta is not as good as he seems, he's being fed weaker fighters to prepare for the UFC's expansion into Mexico


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is all great fights

    I am untamed, I need a leash
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    I love brain, I need a leech

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    great ppv GSP and Randy were fucking amazing


  12. #948
    some of my thoughts on UFC 74;

    If there was any doubt in anyones mind, it's now gone; St. Pierre is a wrestler killer. That guys sprawl is fuckin insane. Koscheck ran through so hard with his followthrough on that TD in the 3rd i think, and GSP just fully blocked the entire thing. That and that Superman punch feint with the low kick at the end, that was a great showcase of his skills. It says something about the guy if he does the same combo like 5-7 times in a fight and the other guy still can't come close to blocking/avoiding it. My faith never wavered from GSP, but that guy does some crazy shit in the octagon again and again.

    Then also Koscheck impressed me like hell. That single he got on St. Pierre at the end of the 1st was gold, he flipped St. Pierre inside out and manhandled him to get that TD. Then the block of the Kimura was great too (granted Koscheck was holding his shorts to help) but it was a crafty block nonetheless...serious props to the guy, 1-2 years and id love to see a rematch between the two of them.

    Randy Couture is the second coming...period. That clinch game he showed was definatley a product of Wanderlei Silva, that and the fact that Randy tanked Gonzaga's high kicks (i counted 3) with ease, especially the one in the 3rd, Couture ate that and kept rushing him. That slam in the 1st was great too, great transition and power from Couture. Shame about the nose break on Gonzaga though, but i don't think he could have stopped Couture regardless, Couture had him beat up and tired pretty quickly. Also Couture avoided sooooo many strike from the outside, the guys head movement was a thing of beauty to watch, he'd move to avoid the strike and clinch up and go for a TD, or avoid and shoot...great to watch. He's a living legend, it can't be paraphrased any other way.


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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    who do you think is up next for randy?


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Kanav View Post
    who do you think is up next for randy?
    I think he winner of Vera vs Silva, but I would still love to see Cro Cop or Nog vs Couture

    I am untamed, I need a leash
    I am insane, I need a shrink
    I love brain, I need a leech

  15. #951
    well i think that depends, if Fedor signs then he's getting a direct shot (to unify the belts) otherwise; maybe Arlovski, Vera/Sylvia seems kinda unlikely the more logical would be winner of Cro Cop/Nog (if Cro Cop will get past Kongo) but the Nog/Cro Cop fight is a whiles away still, as would be the wait for a Sylvia/Vera winner...i would guess the UFC is counting on Fedor to take the shot, or the only other guy i can see taking a shot in the next 3-4 months is Arlovski...id love to see that fight by the way


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Dec 2006
    do you think he could really beat fedor though?


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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    nogs first fight in the ufc was difficult to watch, as was crocops. I think right now, they're gonna give it to arlovski. He's won his last two fights, and the other main contenders are entangled in other matches at the moment. Ofcourse this might all change if fedor comes in and they have a unification bout as his first match.


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Hey CC did you notice at the start of the ppv that the mat was covered in blood? What fight was that from do you know?

    I am untamed, I need a leash
    I am insane, I need a shrink
    I love brain, I need a leech

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