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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainCharisma View Post
    Coleman/Lesnar is only interesting becasue Lesnar is like an updated 2008 version of Coleman...their both the exact same type of fighter
    Nice call.. Thats exactly what he is... the newer version of Coleman.

    1st guy to get the takedown wins. You would have to back Brock.

    Real eyes realize real lies

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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by fallen View Post
    I think that was the plan just Mir messed it up for them. You know with all the hype around Lesnar that the UFC never really wanted him to win
    Why wouldnt they want him to win? Hes a much more marketable attraction than Mir.


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    I personally feel that Lesnar has the edge going into his bout with Coleman. Mark's lost that explosive edge he once had, and with the type of fighter he is that ability to rush into a takedown is essential. Kudos to him for being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, but I'll be quite surprised if this goes beyond the first round. I'm a definite Coleman fan, but the facts are just that (think Shamrock)

    Anderson's comments come as little surprise considering the history between he and Rich. I like Hendo a lot, but he was overconfident going in against Silva. He clearly won the first round and I feel that made him slack off a bit in the second. Giving up his back was a clear indicator that he underestimated Anderson's BJJ; seeing him tap at the line like that was crappy for a Henderson fan to see.

    Silva is just scary good. I can easily see him with the title until he just decides that it's time to move on; there are only a couple of MW's that I feel would have a ghost of a chance against him right now.

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    ^ who do you think has a chance against him OBE? in my mind i can only see Lindland (cause hes not gonna fight Filho, which is the only other guy i can think of)

    EDIT: i also think A. Silva/GSP would be INSANE, i would be willing to pay whatever to see that fight


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    You basically nailed the two I was thinking of, CC. Lindland just needs to get his act together and sign with a larger promoition already, although I do feel it's cool that he's been in the IFL for awhile now. Having Filho in the WEC may increase the chance of an eveantual crossover, but Anderson would still need to be cool with it.

    Strangely enough, my dark horse against Silva would be Okami. He's methodical and quite adept at imposing his game on his opponents while not opening himself up for much. That hesitancy could also screw him again against Anderson though; all and the same, I think it would be interesting to see them lock up again.

    Edit- Rush and Anderson would be a dream fight, CC I see Georges as a younger(becoming more refined a fight at a time) version of Silva himself; Rush shares the same degree of intelligent dominance that is Anderson's hallmark.


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    ^^ In their previous fight Okami did manage to get Anderson on his back.. but I don't think he could control him for 5 rounds.

    The only person that I feel could beat Anderson is Henderson if he got his shit together.


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    Mecca Maniac Kanav's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by JS316 View Post
    ^^ In their previous fight Okami did manage to get Anderson on his back.. but I don't think he could control him for 5 rounds.

    The only person that I feel could beat Anderson is Henderson if he got his shit together.
    Agreed. But the thing is, fights with this type of elite talent they really can go either way. They're decided within seconds, not months of speculations on paper.


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    ^^True that

    Has anyone got some info on Dreams Grand Prix's coming up? Dates etc...

    I had a look at this


    But there must be some better info (in English). Cro cops on the card.. I didn't even know he wasn't with the UFC anymore.
    The card doesn't look full here either.

    Is there another GP also..a middleweight one??


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    its a LWGP, its a pretty stacked one too, ill try and find a roster and match list for you guys


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    heres the matchups for DREAM 1:

    Shinya Aoki vs JZ Calvancanti
    Kultar Gill vs Tatsuya Kawajiri
    Kazuyuki Miyata vs Luis Buscape
    Koutetsu Boku vs Jochim Hansen
    Bu Kyung Jung vs Mitsuhiro Ishida
    Katsuhiko Nagata vs Artur Umakhanov
    Eddie Alvarez vs Andre Dida
    Hidetaka Monma vs Hayato Sakurai

    Mirko Cro Cop vs Tatsuya Mizuno

    solid as hell looking card, im gonna pick Kawajiri to take this tourney, mofuckin WAR Crusher!!!!!


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    ^^thanx CC , Gp's are such good entertainment.

    I haven't heard of half of those guys. God pick CC with Kawajiri.... just cos you picked him I'm gonna go with Calvancante if he can sneak a decision against Aoki in the 1st round.

    Got some more info on the other GP? Is there one?


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    Since my dark horse picks always get royally screwed, I'm playing it safe and going with Aoki in the GP. Seeing Mirko pick up a can fight is unfortunate, but hopefully that'll either turn around soon or build his confidence back up. Seeing as how the UFC is extremely eager to have him back (which is odd for them), I really hope CroCop can shake the cobwebs loose and return to mainstream America as the fighter that he really is.

    Here's an interesting article on Fedor and M-1(I totally called this):


    Now I'm a fan of Fedor, but some extremely valid and interesting points are brought up. He needs to just sign a short (two or so) fight deal with the UFC and increase his play with them; I'm sure they'll let him compete in Combat Sambo if he shows he's willing to work to make the company better.


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    ^^NC between our 2 picks.. someone's gotta go through though


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    ^^No doubt. Looks like I'm back to picking no one that I care about, seeing as how I jinx my picks into dupe losses and weird calls.

    If I were to give the nod to one of the two, it would be to Aoki; he didn't throw the strike that led to the NC:dunnodude:


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    ^^ Any news on who is going through to the next round?


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    knowing the japanese no one will have a clue till a couple of days before the event


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    ^^ yo your sig doesn't make sense if he's talking about Serra unless he plans on losing.

    Anyway... just watched some of UFN. Nate Diaz was awesome. Celebrating in the middle of a triangle was some cool shit.... also James Irvins superman punch was sick. Good bye Houston from the UFC.


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    i dont understand what about....

    "i have one job, and my job will be to destroy him. if he wanna revenge i'll fight him 10 time in a row and it gonna be the same exact result"

    what part is unclear?


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