1ml Sustanon 250 eod + 400mg deca + pronabol-10?
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    Icon8 1ml Sustanon 250 eod + 400mg deca + pronabol-10?


    I have 1ml Sustanon 250, 2ml Deca and Pronabol-10mg tabs.
    I need help in my third cycle. Im doing 12 weeks cycle.

    My stats:

    23 year old
    3 years of training
    6.2 feet
    226.6 lbs
    Bodyfat 15%
    i want to gain mass/size

    I started my first week of the cycle: 1ml sustanon and 1ml deca every sunday and thursday + 3 pronabol-10 tabs ed. Second week:
    Then i changed 1ml susta eod and deca 400mg/week + 3 tabs, someone told me that take sustanon eod or dont bother... This is my third week of my cycle. Some people are telling me to take susta eod and others telling me to take susta e3d. What should i do? What is best a mount for pronabol-10mg. I have been taken almost 3 weeks ed 3 tabs, should i raise that? Im going to use pronabols for 6 week. I will get more Sustanon 250 later this week and i have to inject Omnadren one or two amps between susta amps. Will this affect anyway to my cycle? Do you have tips for me for this cycle?
    Thanks guys..REALLY

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    People say take sus EOD because it has 3 fast esters and 1 long ester in it. I'd run it EOD for consistent blood levels.

    Omna's and sust are bacially the same thing, you should be fine.

    Tips....eat clean

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