The future. A barren wasteland with the smoking wreckage of a helicopter.
Radio: "Bravo 10, Bravo 10, is anyone there? Answer please. Come in. Anyone there? How many survivors are there?"
A survivor moves, it's Christian Bale as John Connor.
Connor: "One."
Radio: "Repeat."
Connor: "...ONE!"
Cut to: Bale stepping over the corpse of a terminator.
Cut to: Bale face to face with Sam Worthington's Marcus Wright.
Connor: "If I let you down, you'll kill everyone in this room."
Wright: "Not everyone, just you Connor. Because I don't give a shit about you. I didn't even know your name until two days ago."
Connor: (whispered) "Kill me? We've been at war since before either of us even existed."
Cut to: Marcus Wright standing in a wreckage strewn courtyard.
Wright: "Hey!"
Suddenly weapon fire shatters the silence and bullets begin chewing up the ground around him. Just as it seems he's done for a figure dives out from out of shot and knocks him out of the line of fire. He looks up and it's Antol Yelchin's Kyle Reese.
Reese: "Come with me if you want to live."
We see the barrel of a minigun blazing and a Terminator's feet as it walks towards them, crushing a human skull beneath its weight.
Wright: (echoing Michael Biehn's lines form the first film while talking to Reese) "What day is it? What year?"
Reese: "2018."
Wright: "What happened here?"
Reese: "Judgement day happened."
Cut to: a truck with a snow plough welded to the front crashing through obstacles on a road, a jeep driving through the desert, resistance fighters running across a train track and three humans jumping over a precipice with abseiling ropes attached to them.
Voice: "Go! Go! Go!"
Cut to: the burned face of a T-600, its metal skull showing through the ruin of its flesh.
Cut to: the silhouette of a terminator endoskeleton holding a gun, it's eyes glow red against the darkness.
Cut to: A night shot of Moon Bloodgood's Blair Williams standing outside with her back to us, topless. She turns around, her hands covering her modesty.
Cut to: figures running amidst explosions and gunfire, a figure on a motorbike flying through the air.
Cut to: John Connor and his men inside a bunker. There is a huge cybernetic arm tied to a table it's about seven feet long and topped with a claw. Connor crouches nest to the claw to study it and the claw comes to life, snapping at the air.
Cut to: A huge metal machine rearing into shot with red eyes and an enormous metal carapace. An inhuman howl fills the air.
Connor: "This is not the future that my mother told me about. Something has changed."
The familiar Terminator beat hammers out.
Kate Connor: "If you saved us once in another future, you can save us in this one."
Cut to: Reese turning to Connor.
Reese: "Who are you?"
Connor: "John Connor!"
Cut to: Bryce Dallas Howard's Kate Connor running toward s the camera and screaming "John!"
Cut to: Connor face to face with Wright again.
Connor: "You tried killing my mother. You killed my father. You will not kill me."
Cut to: A figure covered head to toe in mud and screaming into the night (could be Worthington or Bale hard to tell).
Cut to: a terminator trapped under the landing strut of a helicopter. A gun barrel lowers to its skull and puts it out of its misery. The camera pans up to reveal John Connor looking decidedly mean.
Cut to: the inside of a building. A huge cybernetic arm crashes through the ceiling and grabs someone, pulling him through the hole in the roof. It's the arm of a harvester, one of the machine's huge man hunters.
Cut to: A terminator being crushed by a falling car.
End title comes up word by word: The. End. Begins.
Cut to: Bale lying prone, clearly in pain with a terminator's hand descending towards his face.
Connor: "You son of a bitch!"
It claws furrows down the front of his face. He screams.

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