ali's training log - fresh start
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    ali's training log - fresh start

    this is like starting all over for me after 4 and half months off, so everythin feels weird and heavy soo i wana see how long it takes me to get back to what i was and see how long it takes too see if i can pass it aswell.

    any way i start with some stretching and a few warm up exercises with bands, today am goin to hit chest, tris, some abs and a little cardio

    incline bench 40kg - 3 x 8
    flat dumbells 20kg - 3 x 8
    decline bench 40kg - 3 x 8
    too easy but still wanted my muscles to get used to the weight

    bench dips - 3 x 10
    skull crusher/cg bench - 3 x 10
    overhead single arm extensions - 3 x 10
    fairly easy started to really feel the muscles working while i was doing triceps

    crunches - 3 x 15
    hanging leg raises - 3 x 10
    15 min moderate pase walk at high incline

    was pretty cruisy workout if anyone has any suggestions on how i can improve because am just getting back into it or any general tips, be much appreciated

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    Mecca V.I.P. bodybuilding reputation Mikew's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Welcome to the logs bro.

    On the workout I dont have anything to add other then continue to take it pretty easy, but you will be surprised to how well your muscles remember how they used to be, if you just train, sleep and eat consistently. Good luck man.

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    Mecca V.I.P. bodybuilding reputation PrinceVegeta's Avatar
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    The Hague, Netherlands, Netherlands
    Hey buddy...session to start again looks good...i have the same dilemma like u...start again after a long lay off! keep at it!!

    sigpic70213 7

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    LIFT OR DIE bodybuilding reputation El Freako's Avatar
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    As I said before, just get back into it mate! :linedrunk:

    My log - read it f*ckers!

    My lifting vids

    There are few things graven in stone, except that you have to squat or you're a pussy.
    -Mark Rippetoe

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    beeeen about a 3 weeks since i started training again n the strength isnt coming back as fast as i hoped it would, doesnt help that am fasting at the moment but wut cann u do no excuses :carduforvip

    today was a some lats n shoulders

    did some strecthin with bands

    pullovers 25kgs db - 3 x 10
    wgg pulldowns 130poundss - 3 x 12
    cg pulldowns 110 pounds - 1 x 12 and den 2 x 10 my gripp was failin =(

    db side lateral raises 25 pounds - 3 x 10 heavy, for me anyways
    miltary press bb 110 pounds - 3 x 5-6 heavy
    bent over raises 20 pounds - 3 x 12

    wass gooood session ;p but getttin stronga by the day lol but slowly



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