The Road to Guantanamo (documentary)
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    The Road to Guantanamo (documentary)


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    Quote Originally Posted by IMDb
    I haven't slept for twenty four hours after watching The Road to Guantanamo. As a westerner I feel bombarded with western orientated reports on recent US actions. I can't remember the last news report I saw or read saying 'this is really bad what the US are doing'. Everything is very PC, objective, and non opinionated, but nobody wants to offend the US it seems. This film portrayed the US as the bad guys - it didn't offer a contradictory view. Some people might think that shows poor journalism, I think it's a refreshing perspective, considering that the US are constantly allowed to offer us excuses for whatever wrongs they commit. This time they weren't, and I found it very enlightening

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    I'm actually trying to get stationed down there. I would be dealing with detainees first hand and doing other assignments as well.

    I'm waiting on word from the command career counselor, I'd really like to go down there. It'd be great for my career.

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