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    Ordering over the net

    I want to get my hands on piracetam but in my country(EU) it requires a prescription (if i`m not mistaken its available over the counter in the US).

    So one of the ways is to order it off the internet, since this will be the very first time i`ve ever done it i dont know what to expect.

    Will it get through customs?
    how does it work.. do i go and pick it up at the post office or....?
    i`m totally lost and the stages that would have to be gone through

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      where do you live? I would assume it would go through customs if it goes through mail. If its legal here then you don't have an issue with the US customs. You will only have an issue with your customs.


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      i`m in Europe where it requires a prescription and your right in the US its freely available OTC


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      just looked this stuff up. I guess your wanting to use it for the pump/anti-aging. On wiki they say its like GABA. Is it really that effective to be worth the effort?

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      im` interested in it for its POTENTIAL helpful effects on studying.....


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      Re: Ordering over the net

      I can't tell you whether it will get through the Customs in your Country.
      But if your Mail is anything like here in the U.S., then I would say it has a very good chance.

      There's a few places that sell it ~ Nootropicsdepot and PeakNootropics that I saw.
      But you need to check with them, to see if they have any Shipping Restrictions to certain countries.

      Not really familiar with it.
      But there's a lot of Info on it, on the PeakNootropics Web Page.
      Both places are ~ .Com


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