Looking to drop 20lbs and get to about 10%bf - Suggestions!?!?
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    Looking to drop 20lbs and get to about 10%bf - Suggestions!?!?

    Hi guys i am trying to get back into training hard and get my motivation back iv trained for about 5-6 years seen some good results but over the past year iv lost control and cant seem to get it back so i figured posting a thread and seeing what you guys have to say and advice may help me. I am 237lbs- 6ft and id say roughly between 17%-20%bf. I carry most my weight in my lower back love handles one can say, and it makes me sick!!

    My goals are to be around 210-215 and get around that 10%bf.

    iv written out an 8-12 week schedule that looks like this:
    week 1-2: mon,tue,thur,fri 30min uphill walking first thing in the morning with black coffee 30mins before
    week 1-2: wed,sat HIIT on tredmill or bike 5min warm up - sprint fast for 30sec and walk 1 min. for about 20 mins than finish off with 5min cool down. total 30min.
    and on sundays i play hockey for and hour and a half.
    weeks 3-4: i will increase my uphill walking to 45 mins and than ill push my HIIT training to 40 mins goal is to get sprint for 30 walk for 30
    weeks 5-6: I will drop my uphill walk to 30 mins but do it twice a day: first thing in the morning and 30mins after workout or before bed and with HIIT i would like to sprint for a minute and walk 30sec for total of 30min.

    as for cardio what do you guys think and should i have anything before cardio or just stay with black coffee.

    Weight training:
    I want to start with 2 days on 1 off doing:

    I like to do 2 sets low reps to start either 4-6reps or 6-8reps and adding a 4th exercise or just doing 3 sets with 3 exercises. doing this for about 3-4 weeks than gearing up for 8-10 reps.

    thoughts on that?

    As per diet i dont know really what to have exactly as per how much protein or carb intake i was thinking of cycling carbs doing low(50g or les) mon,tue,thur,fri,sun and medium carb day on wed (100-150g) and high carb day on saturday 200-300g) and the days dont have to be exact i can also make my high carb days on the a muscle i would like to gain size on.

    my low point is sugar and i know i will have to cut it out but what is something someone can for those late night cravings i know granola bars are not good either and i find late night between 8-11pm really hard for me.

    So im not to sure if i have missed anything and if i have just let me know or any ideas love to hear implement and do.

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    Re: Looking to drop 20lbs and get to about 10%bf - Suggestions!?!?

    how long have you been training? why not jut keep it simple, why cycling carbs and all that? why not just make sure you are eating cleaner (more protein, only good fats and slow carbs) training more regularly and doing a cardio more than you before... cycling stuff requires more time and effort and I would rather invest that effort in training more rather than planning & preparing different meals because I'm on a high carb or low carb day!!! But thats just my 20 cents!

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    Re: Looking to drop 20lbs and get to about 10%bf - Suggestions!?!?

    Cycling carbs will be of more benefit once you are already lean. Doing it before-hand is only really an advantage to get into the habit.

    I posted an article in this section and the articles section that covers proportions of P/C/F. As long as you are getting 15-20% protein you are good to go, most aim for 40%. Fats and Carbs should then fit in around that, with carbs being the more dominant of the two. It would be a good idea to do a food log and see what you actually take in, then tweak it from there to match the calories and ratios you want to hit.

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