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Thread: Wohhoo FINALLY!

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    Red face Wohhoo FINALLY!

    After a 2 years wait he finally seems to have a car capable of winning a GP

    Practice Two - Schumacher pips Hamilton to set Shanghai pace

    if it doesn't break down in the middle of a race AGAIN!

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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    Pole position for Rosberg. Nice to see the Mercedes GP 1st and 2nd on the grid. Should be an interesting race.

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    Wohhoo FINALLY!

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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    Yeah Nico kicked their asses didnt he... almost half a second faster in qualifying is massive! I really hope Merc can hold things together for this one.


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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    OMG it happend AGAIN... he is out of the race again!!!!!!!!!!!! The bloody mechanics gonna get fired ... probably with a shot gun :/


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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    Ohhh mmaan Michael needs to see some vodoo doctor a pole at Monoco would have almost sealed first place BUT



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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    Forza Schumi. He's getting really bad luck.


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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    Yeah and it happened again... broken wing this time!!!!


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    Re: Wohhoo FINALLY!

    FINALLY MSC was able to finish a race... and finally he got up on the podium
    I hope he wins a couple before the end of the season!

    In another unrelated BUT good news, England lost to Italy


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