hi i m a italian boy 18 years old(180 cm for 85 kg)
i want start to do a mass diet but i m very ignorant about this
i have thinked about a diet of 3200 kcal but i can t do
someone can help me to write this diet?

p.s sorry for my english
p.s.s. congratulation for thsi site is very good
[FONT=arial, sans-serif]
[/FONT]i leave you the training schedule that i m following(review this too )

day 1
bench press 4x6
incline push 3x8
crosses to cable 3x10
barbell seated military press 4x8
dumbbell lateral raise 3x10
kickback with dumbbell 3x8
french press 3x8
push down 2x10

day 2
squat 4x6
leg press 3x8
leg extension 3x12
leg curl 4x10
seated cal 4x15

rower with dumbbell 4x8
pulley 3x10
shurg 3x10
raised at 90 degrees 3x10
curl with barbell 4x6
hammer curl 2x10
dumbell incline curl 3x8
concentrtion curl 2x12

attend the expert

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