Greetings everyone:

I?m planning to do this routine, any suggestion will be accepted and please excuse my English.
1st Day (Chest-Back)

Dominadas:5 x 8 a 10 rep
Rowing open grip :4 x 8 a 10 rep
Pulley back neck:3 x 10 a 12 rep

Press inclinado:4x8 a 10
Press Banca:4x8 a 10
Pec Deck:4x10 a 12

2nd day (Shoulder-Biceps-Triceps)
Elevaciones maquina hombro:4x8 a 10
Laterales hombro maquina:4x10 a 12
Pajaro sentado:3x10 a 12

Curl Biceps:4x8 a 10
Predicador Z:3x8 a 10

Frances:4x8 a 10
Polea triceps:3x8 a 10

3rd Day (Legs)