Phil Heath - 2010 Mr. Olympia - DVD PICS!!!
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    Phil Heath - 2010 Mr. Olympia - DVD PICS!!!

    Phil Heath a.k.a "The Gift" looked his best at that time in his career for this contest. He was sliced from head to toe. The added muscle made him to be able to stand with the big boys from the front, side and back. Phil had the best back double bicep in the show and displayed his amazing detail in his back that no one could match. With his amazing arms, delts, tight waist and great legs from the front and back, Phil was the most complete bodybuilder on stage and in my opinion should have won the show, but the judges had him in second place after Jay Cutler. This was just beginning for "The Gift", for bigger and better things were to come a year later.

    More Pics Phil Heath 2010 Mr Olympia

    Note: These are wallpaper size pics. 1280 x 960

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