Understanding the Role of Supplements in Body Building
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    Understanding the Role of Supplements in Body Building

    Food is fuel. The nutrients contained in it are essential for the cellular and molecular workings of our bodies. Itís not enough to know your proteins from your fibers, you need to know and understand how nutrients are broken down to serve various parts of the human body.

    If you are exercising but do not have the energy to push through a mild half hour routine maybe itís time to look at what you are eating. There are basic foods that you can eat specifically to boost your energy levels. Besides being conscious about the food you ingest, it is also important to be conscious about the state in which the food is being eaten and by state we are referring to raw or processed.

    The importance of food in building muscle

    A personís metabolism is an indication of how his or her body is capable of burning fat and turning it into energy. Foods that raise a personís metabolism directly affect a personís energy levels. Besides whole grain foods, Proteins are harder to digest. Foods that require extra energy for digestion turn the body into a fat burning machine all on its own as it is forced to access additional energy stored in fat. This is in fact the real reason why protein rich diets work because. However, one should by wary of the fact that they tend to be unbalanced and hence in the long run too much of something and not enough of the other can cause health problems and in the case of proteins, your kidneys will not thank you for making them work overtime.

    Nutrition and supplements

    Ninety five per cent of the results of a body building regimen come from nutrition and training and the remaining five per cent supposedly come from supplements that contain vitamins and other essential nutrients. Supplements should give you just that, vitamins and nutrients that you donít get enough of in your regular food. They can never be the miraculous answer to getting bigger muscles faster and with little effort. You should be especially careful of those that claim results without much effort.

    Most bodybuilding supplements contain creatine. This compound has been lauded by most nutritional experts in the body building regimen as an absolutely essential supplement for bulking up muscles. Most people however buy supplements expecting miraculous results. That is because manufacturers and marketers of bodybuilding supplements use the word ďmiracleĒ and try to sell the notion that the answer to building muscle is in a pill. The truth is there is no miracle pill. There is no bodybuilding wonder hidden in a sealed bottle. To build muscles, there are multiple factors that need to come together. Supplements are meant to provide those nutrients you won't find in the food that you eat or can't find in enough quantities. Supplements should not replace real food. Supplements will only work if all the factors in a body building regimen work. Before a body builder fills his kitchen cupboards with pills and shakes, they should fill it with the right food and always keep in mind that exercise is the key that unlocks everything.

    Omega-3 fatty acids supplements have become popular not only with people who have heart diseases and blood pressure issues. These acids are normally found in fish such as Tuna and Salmon but a single serving of tuna might not provide the necessary amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which is why most people substitute the real thing with a pill. This is just one of the many nutrients that one can find in a pill. In an ideal world, we wouldn't need supplements to give us nutrients that real food is supposed to but this is an imperfect world and most of what we buy as food has been processed or subjected to some form of treatment that diminishes the natural molecular structure that gives that particular food its distinctive nutritional properties.

    You should get the vitamins and minerals from regular food but if you are unable to do that, a simple multivitamin supplement should be used. Creatine is not commonly found in most multivitamins and it is rarely found on its own. It usually forms part of some formula.

    A good bodybuilding diet should have the right proportion of the following components i.e., carbohydrates at 40%, proteins and creatine at 40% and fats at 20%. People have become more conscious about what they put in their bodies and nutritional supplements with compounds that are much closer to what nature produces are getting popular.

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