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    6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    Alright folks, first post, new to the forum. Started at the gym 3 months ago. Im 5'6", i was 12 & half stone, im now just over 11 & half, so im heading in the right direction. Priority from the start has been weight loss then maybe after another 1 or 2 stone ill think about bulking out a bit, not too much.

    At gym 4 mornings a week.
    Typical gym day...

    8.15am Chapatti with 3 turkey breast slices

    8.50 -10.00am gym

    10 mins cross trainer
    10 mins stepper
    10 mins bike
    10 mins cross trainer
    20 mins weight machines OR 20 mins gym ball exercises with dumbbells.

    Maxi muscle pro max diet protein shake after the gym.

    A friend recommends i buy Bodybuilding warehouse performance protein next which seems to be alot better value.

    1pm. Tin of tuna & bowl of mixed veg (gonna change to green veg) & cup of green tea.
    3/4 weetabix with 1% fat milk.

    Nothing then till about 7pm. Usually a mixture of chicken, breaded haddock or veggie burgers & sausages .... Baked potatos or pasta salad bowl .... & mixed veg.

    Gonna start taking the multi vitamins & omega 3 fish oil capsules.

    2 beer nights a week probably doesnt help much.

    Anyway if you havent fell asleep ill get back to the topic subject & where i am now. I think i need to start working on the 6-8 SMALLER MEALS, EVERY 2-3 HOURS A DAY. What i need is handy to make suggestions. The more different meal ideas the better so i wont get bored of same things.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: 6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    Things dont really have to be so complicated!
    I competed twice and all I used to eat was chicken... most of the times cooked in Tamarind and/or Mint and thats all I would eat... a kilo of boneless chicken cooked in Tamarind and/or Mint!!! Four chicken meals and two Protein Shakes! Its too simple and yes you might get bored but Bro at present what you are doing seems to be more taxing on mind than body!
    Also you dont mean 6 meals every 2 hours right? its 6 to 8 in the whole day, right?

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    Re: 6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    Thanks for reply Pakiman. Yes i mean 1 meal 6-8 times a day lol. I guess the reason im asking for ideas is this isnt a short term thing, if i can mix things up theres more chance of sticking at it.

    But maybe your right & i am overcomplicating things, luckily im a big fan of chicken lol.

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    Re: 6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    So 6-8 diet kinda meals?

    I would say (from what I eat as well): for the protein have at least 2 or 3 different sources, like chicken breast, tuna and definitely egg whites.
    Veggies: broccoli, green beans, salads, cucumbers..etc.
    Carbs: brown rice, white rice, potatoes (white, sweet etc), rice cakes, oats, whole wheat pasta, cereals.
    Fruits: -what I prefer anyway- pineapple, apples, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruits, melon.
    Fat sources: coconut oil -I absolutely love this one and it's great for fat loss as well, imo the best fat source. Then almonds, nuts, olive oil..etc

    As for meals, I would have low to medium to high carb days. Cycle them around, and put a high or refeed (carb) once per week, or every 4th day or so, and you can have for example:

    Breakfast or 1st meal: some oats, banana, egg whites or whey protein.
    2nd meal: chicken with some broccoli and rice.
    3rd to 5th meal: could be the same as the 2nd one, depending when are you training. Add some fruits between the meals, like apples, pineapple etc.
    Pre workout meal: I prefer some carbs like brown rice or baked potatoes and chicken/tuna.
    Post workout: whey protein shake with some fast carbs, or lately I'd have egg whites and some rice again. I try to have most of my carbs around the workout time (pre and post), especially when you are in the low-med carb days, and then for the rest of the meals, add another egg whites/whole eggs meals with some veggies, or chicken with veggies and so on.

    Before bed , I'll have some 0% fat greek yogurt, or some cottage cheese.

    It worked for me, and imo it's pretty simple. Also you have to find your daily calorie intake. How much do you need to have/eat and to be in the caloric deficit, especially when trying to diet down some lbs.

    Good luck!

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    6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

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    Re: 6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    People break their meals in small frequent meals to lose and maintain healthy body weight. Besides break meals in 6-8 small meals, drink more water than routine to burn fat, boost metabolism and to meet your fitness goals. Avoid eating late, stick with workouts to manage stress and have proper sleep.

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    Re: 6-8 meals every 2-3 hrs ideas

    A great tip to do is to cook/prepare these small meals in larger quantities. Then store them in the fridge/freezer so you have more ready to go throughout the week. Fruits and nuts are great for small meals and can keep you going for longer.

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