Hey guys!

Check out our own Top 6 prediction game, here on Musclemecca. In a few days there's gonna take place the 2nd Pro show in 2013, the Australian Pro!

Hurry up with your top 6 predictions, cus Friday 1 day before prejudging, the thread will be closed.

I hope you enjoy it and good luck to all!!

Enter your top 6, here --> http://musclemecca.com/mecca-bodybui...an-pro-220989/

Article: *Top 6 Guess Game* - Stage 2 Australian Pro!

2013 Australian Grand Prix Competitor List

Mens Pro

Dexter Jackson
Toney Freeman
Ed Nunn
Johnnie Jackson
Michael Kefalianos
Ben Pakulski
Ivan Sadek
Luke Timms
Jeff Long
An Nguyen
Joe Ulberg