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    PHIL HEATH - 2006 Colorado Pro PICS!!!

    Phil Heath's pro debut. He brought excellent conditioning from head to toe. He was not the largest or widest bodybuilder on stage, but he brought the best physique to the contest. Phil won his pro debut by beating Darrem Charles who placed second.

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    Re: PHIL HEATH - 2006 Colorado Pro PICS!!!

    Set 2..........................

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    Re: PHIL HEATH - 2006 Colorado Pro PICS!!!

    Set 3...........................

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    Re: PHIL HEATH - 2006 Colorado Pro PICS!!!

    He has been making some serious gains. Looking these i remember how stupid looking pose that side chest were back then Im glad that he dont pose like that anymore.

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    Re: PHIL HEATH - 2006 Colorado Pro PICS!!!

    lol arms are still ifbb pro caliber..



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