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    Fat burning pills??

    Has anyone ever tried any of the thermogenic / fat burning pills or powders that are available? I personally have not, and would love to hear from a real person that has actually tried it to see how they felt it worked.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Never tried them. Best fat burning pill is the diet and some cardio here and there.

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    Fat burning pills??

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Well I would say that at this point it is probably for the best to avoid these products and things that are similar. I think that it is kind of alarming that these things have been out and on the market for years now, and we STILL do not see solid studies on them. I just think that this tells you something, and that they are mostly gimmicks. This is not to say that there are not good products out there, but I am just a little cynical when it comes to these things. Interesting stuff, though, and thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    I have an aunt that used to take those pills because she was told she was going to lose a lot of weight, it was all a scam, she never did, however, I personally think that she did not really make them work at all, she used to take them without doing any kind of exercise or anyrhing like that, all she did was take the pill and sleep, it was not really going to take her anywhere that way.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Fat burning pills are not a scam. However, they must be used wisely. If you use them, but don't exercise at all, eat like there was no tomorrow, you can expect them to have no effect. However, I've started my cutting phase few weeks ago and I can tell you that I've been using l-carnitine and a thermogenic religiously and that I can really feel the difference.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    I would not use fat burning pills, ever. I've never known anyone who has used them and gotten real, lasting results from them.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Unless you get pharmaceutical product all fat pills are gonna be 3 main ingredients 1. Caffeine 2. Green tea 3. And some "magical ancient root/herb.

    How ever I will admits some fat/thermo pills do make great pre-work out pills if you dont like taking powders.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    I know people who have taken them and it really isn't going to work. The best way to lose fat is to work out every day and eat right. I don't think they will ever have a pill that will be able to burn fat without eating right and excersizing.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    I did a bit of research after reading the posts on this thread and now I've sort of changed my mind. Apparently not all fat-burning pills are bad. But even the good ones out there should be used together with a good diet and exercise regime for them to be really effective. I guess I was conditioned to believe that by people who were not really taking them the right way and so they were not getting effective results.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Most of the people aren't disciplined enough to lose weight anyway. Why are there so many people who struggle with losing weight if the process is so easy? It's really a no brainer, but this is a fact: people aren't disciplined and the pills are meant to SUPPLEMENT the diet, not to magically burn the fat.

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    Re: Fat burning pills??

    Yes, there are many fat burning pills out there. I have tried most of them. If you create a diet plan and stick with it and if you exercise a lot, these pills may help you to increase the effects of those habit. It will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

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