2012 International Sports Hall of Fame Inductees
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From Roger Lockridge, Bodybuilding.com Writer

Dr. Robert Goldman, Founder and Chairman of the International Sports Hall of Fame, has recently announced that the inaugural class of 2012 will be inducted at the Arnold Sports Festival on Saturday March 3 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. The members of the Hall of Fame include:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger -- 7 Time Mr. Olympia

Cory Everson -- 6 Time Ms. Olympia

Jack LaLanne -- "Godfather of Fitness." Inducted posthumously. His wife Elaine will accept on his behalf.

Mark Henry -- Strongman and Powerlifting World Champion, WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy Couture -- Multiple Time UFC World Champion, UFC Hall of Famer

Chuck Wepner -- Boxer, Inspiration for "Rocky" Films

Dr. Goldman also announced that the Hall of Fame will become an annual event at the Arnold Sports Festival. For more information on the International Sports Hall of Fame or the Class of 2012, go to http://www.sportshof.org/

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