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    Muscle Training for old guys

    I was born in 1975 guys so that makes me pretty old I guess. I hope there are some people that are the same age here. How do you guys keep training so hard when getting older? I still lift as much as I can but it is getting more challenging to keep it fresh. I still love it though but want to try new techniques.

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    Re: Muscle Training for old guys

    ^ Shut up... 1975 is not old... 1972 is
    You are right that it gets tougher with age but that's kind of a disambiguation (if thats the right translation for the word I'm thinking in my Curry brain) because it's the responsibilities that come with old age that make it harder (and harder) and not the age per se... unless off course you are in your 60s and beyond! Having a full time job and supporting family & kids... it's hard to find time for gym! At least that's my excuse!
    If you have continued training throughout your adult life then plain boredom might come into play as well... for that I can only recommend taking up other sports and take those up for periods of times when you completely stay away from BBing. Table tennis and Squash are my sanctuary from boredom of lifting weights! A month with those sissies and their excuses of bad light, slippery floor and inconsistent bounce... and I'm ready to go back to the gym! Find something for yourself... Wrestling or Martial Arts maybe?

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    Re: Muscle Training for old guys

    Come on boys 1975, 1972, how about 1966. Job, kids, working long hours, trying to eat right, finding time to lift are all challenge's that come with age. but I keep telling myself I want to set a good example for my kids. I refuse to let them see there dad get old and flabby. So far its worked my girls are both high level gymnast's and my son is a three sport athlete. I also need supplemental motivation, right now I use DS Craze with Hemavol to get me going. Ive also used a variety of other pre workout supplements. I don't get stuck in the same routine when lifting, If im having a good day then I do more if a bad day or less time I cut back. I also try to limit my time between sets. PX90 or other aerobic exercise is also an option at times. Trust me it does not get any easer, just saw through and keep moving forward. Good Luck

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    Re: Muscle Training for old guys

    Thanks for the answers. Yeah boredom is for sure one of my problems. I have gotten lazy and have to push. I think I am looking to use age as an excuse when it more me. You guys have helped me find strength to stay strong.



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