2013 Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award
[FONT=trebuchet ms]Cory Everson Receives 2013 Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award
By: Dan Solomon[/FONT]
[FONT=trebuchet ms]coryeverson benweider lifetimeachievementaward
From left to right: Dan Solomon, Tim Gardner, Cory Everson, Chris Dickerson, Lenda Murray – On Stage in Tampa (Aug 10, 2013)
Photo Courtesy of Muscular Development
It's a tradition that began during the final year of Ben Weider's life. The Lifetime Achievement Award, commissioned by the late co-founder of the IFBB, is presented each year to an influential and inspiring member of the bodybuilding community. Past recipients have included Lee Haney, Chris Dickerson, Lee Labrada, Dexter Jackson and Rich Gaspari, an exclusive group of Men who have each elevated the sport in their own unique way.
This year’s Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award honoree is Cory Everson, a six-time Ms Olympia champion, and now the first female to receive the award.
Presented in Tampa, Florida during a special on-stage ceremony at the IFBB Pro League's "PBW Championships", veteran bodybuilding commentator Dan Solomon conducted the presentation by taking a look back at Everson's extraordinary career as an undefeated champion.
Pro League President Jim Manion says, "Ever since Cory Everson won the overall title at our NPC Nationals, she has carried herself as a true champion and an ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding. This is a well deserved honor."
As part of a star studded presentation, Everson was joined on stage by 1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson and eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray. During the ceremony, Solomon explained, “In a sport with very few household names, Everson was one of those rare few that everyone knew.”
The award was presented on behalf of the Weider family, Jim Manion, event promoter Tim Gardner, Rob Wilkins, and the memory of the late Ben Weider.[/FONT]


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