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by Andrew Michalak “Mongolia is ready and waiting to welcome National Teams from over 30 countries” – Mongolian Federation General Secretary Ochir Ganbaatar told us today (on Monday). “But remember to take a warm coat with you as there is -90C (150F) during the day” – he added. So, put into your suitcase a winter [...]
by Andrew Michalak
“Mongolia is ready and waiting to welcome National Teams from over 30 countries” – Mongolian Federation General Secretary Ochir Ganbaatar told us today (on Monday). “But remember to take a warm coat with you as there is -90C (150F) during the day” – he added. So, put into your suitcase a winter coat, cap, gloves, socks, shoes and dress or sweater. Especially competitors who are on the reduced caloric intake diets and their bodies don’t produce enough heat.
Mongolia already staged one big IFBB international event: 2011 Asian BodyBuilding and Fitness Championships. Also organized Asian Powerlifting Championships. So, they have an experienced team of organizers.

Many IFBB top international stars are coming to Ulaanbaatar to take part at these Championships. Among them:

Sana Muslic (Bosnia & Herzegovina) will come to defend her junior women bodybuilding world title. In the role of challengers we will see two Romanian champions: Mihaela Serban and Corina Visan, who took the 3rd and 4th places last year.

Two Estonian young stars: Kristina Koroljak and Endla Vaher will come to regain their junior women fitness titles won last year in Budapest. Koroljak in the short class (up to 163 cm) and Vaher in the tall class (over 163 cm). Koroljak will be challenged by the 2013 women’s world champion and Arnold Europe winner Dominika Multanovan (Slovakia). In Kiev Multanova won over Koroljak by 2 points only!. These return match will be super exciting! In the tall class Vaher will meet last year finalist Aleksandra Zhilina (Russia). Now Zhilina will be more matured and who knows…

In junior women bodyfitness tall class current women’s world champion and 2011 junior world overall winner Adela Ondrejovicova (Slovakia) will come to regain the title. She will meet very promising last year runner-up Victoria Yatsuk (Russia). Everything will depend on the shape of the day.

In junior women bikini fitness open class 2012 world junior champion and 2013 world women’s champion (!) Sabina Plevakova (Slovakia) seems to be a strong favourite, since nobody from the last year’s top 6 will come. But there will also be 2013 European Championships bronze medal winner Anita Bekus (United Kingdom). Enough good now to challenge Plevakova?

There will be a couple of great stars in junior men bodybuilding. In the heavyweight class (over 75 kg): 2011 overall winner Tim Budesheim (Germany) will come for the next world junior title. He is even better now, what we could see at the 2013 Arnold Europe where he won the junior open class and placed 2nd in the men’s 100 kg category! His most serious challenger will come… with him: the second German junior star Kevin La Grutta – 2nd place winner at Arnold Europe last weekend in Madrid. Who will be able to challenge them? Maybe a new Polish star Michal Zochowski, who won the Polish Junior Nationals few weeks ago and displayed top quality muscularity?
In the lightweight class (up to 75 kg) we will see the 2012 Junior Worlds runner-up Ismail Masoud (Egypt), 5th place winner Daniel Sticco (Italy), 2012 Europeans runner up Daler Ismatov (Russia) and 2012 South American Championships runner-up Byron Tello (Ecuador).

There will be one former medal winner in junior men classic bodybuilding: Konrad Balcerzak (Poland), who placed 3rd in 2011 Junior Worlds but improved a lot till now. Tomas Grib of Slovakia placed just behind Balcerzak 2 years ago. Interesting meet after 2 years. Who has made bigger progress?

Junior men fitness will have one experienced star: 2012 world champion Anghel Birica (Romania), who also successfully competes against seniors.

Masters 40-49 years old:
In up to 70 kg class multi world champion Jose Carlos Santos (Brazil) who recently won Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, showing tremendous shape.
2012 Men’s Worlds bronze medal winner Igor Losev (Russia) will debut among masters (40-49, up to 80 kg) and will meet masters overall winner from Madrid Jens Schneider (Germany), 2012 European champion Carlos Cervantes (Germany) and South American top master bodybuilder Gilberto Feitosa (Brazil).

Fantastic returned match in maters 40-49, up to 90 kg category: Edson Serafim (2nd in Madrid), Marek Vomacka (1st in Madrid) and David Perez (4th in Madrid).
The next famous bodybuilder and multi world champion Hamdullah Aykutlug (Turkey), 2013 Asian masters and men’s champion Mahdi Ayari (Iran) and still improving Russian giant Sergey Kozin (over 120 kg bodyweight). This over 90 kg class seems to be top exciting.
Masters 50-59 years old:
Top two from the recent Arnold Europe (masters bodybuilding 50-59): Armando Villa (Spain) and Jose Rebolo (Portugal). But in Ulaanbaatar they will compete in different bodyweight categories. In up to 80 kg class Villa will meet European Championships bronze medal winner Albert Szczygielski (Poland).
In heavyweight class Rebolo will meet last year’s 3rd place winner Inigo Ortiz (Spain).

Top two from the previous year in men classic bodybuilding over 50: Michal Sidik (Czech Republic) and Peter Rudling (Sweden) plus 5th place winner Mieczyslaw Nowacki (Poland).

Oldest Masters:
Two legendary bodybuilders in two oldest masters classes: Alexander Yashankin (Russia) in 60-65 division and Esmat Sadek (Egypt) in over 65 division.

Women Masters:
Masters women bodybuilding open class will include: 2012 European masters champion Natalia Vtyurina (Russia), Jana Bendova (Czech Republic), Petra Welker (Germany) and Eva Lagerhorn Blom (Sweden).
Masters women bodyfitness top stars: 2012 world masters champion Carina Isaksson (Sweden), 2011 European Women’s runner-up Melanie Niebergall (Germany), 2013 Asian fitness runner-up Yumi Yamashita (Japan), Jorun Steine (Norway), Yolanda Fernandez (Spain).

In the Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championships last year’s champion Tolga Murat Balikci (Turkey) will come to repeat the title.

2013 IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships entries:
NAME********************************************** ******** Country
1.*** Paul Vu********************************* Australia
2.*** Brian Emerson******************** Australia
3.*** Rohan Reid************************* Australia
4.*** Steven Travers******************** Australia
5.*** Karl Hannig************************** Austria
6.*** Sana Muslic************************* Bosnia & Herzegovina
7.*** Elizabeth Furtado*************** Brazil
8.*** Jose Carlos Santos************ Brazil
9.*** Mauricio Suzanne************** Brazil
10.*** Nortom Murayama************** Brazil
11.*** Emmanuel dos Martyres**** Brazil
12.*** Roberto Chimello**************** Brazil
13.*** Edson Serafim********************* Brazil
14.*** Gilberto Feitosa******************* Brazil
15.*** Michal Sidik************************* Czech Republic
16.*** Marek Vomacka******************* Czech Republic
17.*** Miroslav Mraz*********************** Czech Republic
18.*** Jean Marc Schuttrump******* Czech Republic
19.*** Jana Bendova********************* Czech Republic
20.*** Margita Zamolova*************** Czech Republic
21.*** Byron Tello*************************** Ecuador
22.*** Roberto Granda******************* Ecuador
23.*** Ismail Masoud********************* Egypt
24.*** Ahmed El Sayed***************** Egypt
25.*** Esmat Sadek************************ Egypt
26.*** Hamdy Ismail*********************** Egypt
27.*** Kristina Koroljak****************** Estonia
28.*** Endla Vaher************************* Estonia
29.*** Asko Kankainen***************** Finland
30.*** Harri Forsberg********************** Finland
31.*** Tim Budesheim******************* Germany
32.*** Kevin La Grutta******************* Germany
33.*** Jalal Ali********************************* Germany
34.*** Jens Schneider******************* Germany
35.*** Carlos Cervantes**************** Germany
36.*** Stefan Hammerschmiedt*** Germany
37.*** Karsten Wolf************************ Germany
38.*** Horst Wetterau********************* Germany
39.*** Petra Welker************************ Germany
40.*** Melanie Niebergall************* Germany
41.*** Irengbam Deva Singh******** India
42.*** Siddharth Patil********************* India
43.*** Gurbhej Singh********************* India
44.*** Hardeep Singh******************** India
45.*** Akham Premchand Singh* India
46.*** Dinesh Chaware***************** India
47.*** Rajendra Shirodkar************ India
48.*** Pouria Payoun******************** Iran
49.*** Davoud Rahimi******************* Iran
50.*** Abbas Gholizadeh************** Iran
51.*** Mahdi Ayari************************** Iran
52.*** Mahmoud Zare******************** Iran
53.*** Mohammad Lashgari********* Iran
54.*** Choi Wan Hung****************** Hong Kong
55.*** Tomoya Nakadomari********** Japan
56.*** Takeshi Okumura*************** Japan
57.*** Masayuki Kikuchi*************** Japan
58.*** Shigeru Ihara*********************** Japan
59.*** Eriko Shimizu********************** Japan
60.*** Yumi Yamashita****************** Japan
61.*** Mohamed Elsharief************ Libya
62.*** Abdurraouf Shaaban********* Libya
63.*** Mohamed *Ali Eltuhami***** Libya
64.*** Delgersaikhan********************* Mongolia
65.*** Khurelchimeg********************** Mongolia
66.*** Soninbayar************************** Mongolia
67.*** Bodibold******************************* Mongolia
68.*** Dambadarjaa*********************** Mongolia
69.*** Bathuu********************************** Mongolia
70.*** Baasandorj*************************** Mongolia
71.*** Turbold********************************** Mongolia
72.*** Chinzorig****************************** Mongolia
73.*** Bolor-Erdene*********************** Mongolia
74.*** Jazei************************************** Mongolia
75.*** Sarangua***************************** Mongolia
76.*** Lochin*********************************** Mongolia
77.*** Ganhuyag**************************** Mongolia
78.*** Otgontsend************************** Mongolia
79.*** Bat-Erdene*************************** Mongolia
80.*** Munkhbayar************************* Mongolia
81.*** Knut Oines*************************** Norway
82.*** Solru Stefansdottir************** Norway
83.*** Jorun Steine************************ Norway
84.*** Frank Ravn Hansen*********** Norway
85.*** Konstantin Simonsen******** Norway
86.*** Konrad Balcerzak*************** Poland
87.*** Kamil Strzelcyk******************** Poland
88.*** Lukasz Gnoza********************* Poland
89.*** Albert Szczygielski************** Poland
90.*** Maciej Zochowski*************** Poland
91.*** Mieczyslaw Nowacki********** Poland
92.*** Jose Rebolo************************* Portugal
93.*** Mihaela Serban ****************** Romania
94.*** Corina Visan************************ Romania
95.*** Anghel* Birica********************** Romania
96.*** Andrei Georgian****************** Romania
97.*** Constantin Ifrim******************* Romania
98.*** Mihai Moruz ************************ Romania
99.*** Lucian Popa *********************** Romania
100.*** Lucian Chirila ********************* Romania
101.*** Natalia Vtyurina ***************** Russia
102.*** Aleksandra Zhilina ************ Russia
103.*** Alecia Vysotckaya ************** Russia
104.*** Anastasia Buchinskaya **** Russia
105.*** Victoria Yatsuk ******************* Russia
106.*** Daria Lobanova ****************** Russia
107.*** Irina Blinova ************************ Russia
108.*** Igor Losev **************************** Russia
109.*** Sergey Kozin ********************** Russia
110.*** Andrey Popov ********************* Russia
111.*** Daler Ismatov ********************** Russia
112.*** Evgeny Bayazitov ************** Russia
113.*** David Babayan ******************* Russia
114.*** Sergey Bubulikov ************** Russia
115.*** Aleksander Yashankin ***** Russia
116.*** Danil Pavlov *********************** Russia
117.*** Sergei Moroz *********************** Russia
118.*** Dominika Multanova********** Slovakia
119.*** Adela Ondrejovicova********** Slovakia
120.*** Tatiana Piackova**************** Slovakia
121.*** Sabina Plevakova*************** Slovakia
122.*** Tomas Grib*************************** Slovakia
123.*** Robert Babos*********************** Slovakia
124.*** Iveta Vanekova******************** Slovakia
125.*** Dion Friedland ******************* South Africa
126.*** Sivalingum Pillay**************** South Africa
127.*** Cedric Shelton Samuels*** South Africa
128.*** Yolanda Fernandez ********** Spain
129.*** Mario Hernandez**************** Spain
130.*** David Perez************************* Spain
131.*** Juan Martin ************************* Spain
132.*** Armando Villa********************** Spain
133.*** Inigo Ortiz***************************** Spain
134.*** Carina Isaksson****************** Sweden
135.*** Maria Eriksson********************* Sweden
136.*** Semiran Dag************************ Sweden
137.*** Eva Lagerhorn Blom********** Sweden
138.*** Bjorn Albinsson******************* Sweden
139.*** Peter Rudling********************** Sweden
140.*** Hafez Sarkis************************ Syria
141.*** Cagnur Akyol*********************** Turkey
142.*** Neriman Kuzucu***************** Turkey
143.*** Sengul Ozgur********************** Turkey
144.*** Arif Gonul Bayoglu************* Turkey
145.*** Baran Kalayci********************** Turkey
146.*** Cemal Ozan Durmus********* Turkey
147.*** Huseyin Turgutluoglu******** Turkey
148.*** Efrus Turker************************* Turkey
149.*** Sahin Bolcan*********************** Turkey
150.*** Ersoy Aycelik*********************** Turkey
151.*** Taner Umur************************** Turkey
152.*** Mutlu Bakir Tas******************* Turkey
153.*** Vedat Seyhan********************** Turkey
154.*** Suleyman Arif Ozben********* Turkey
155.*** Hasan Erdogan******************* Turkey
156.*** Tolga Murat Balikci************* Turkey
157.*** Hamdullah Aykutlug********** Turkey
158.*** Ashraf Nasser********************** UAE
159.*** Emma Paveley******************** UK
160.*** Anita Bekus************************* UK


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