rawlogoT 1On Sunday, November 10th at the 100% Raw Central PA Open in Bigler, PA, 12 year old Naomi Kutin made history.
She was expecting to barely make weight for the 97 lb class, but came in surprisingly light at 94.5 lbs. Then the action began.
In the squats, Naomi got 231 lbs on her third attempt, breaking the Powerlifting Watch all-time record squat for the raw, unwrapped 97 lb class. What makes this most amazing is that she has now broken this same record at age 9 (205 lbs), age 10 (214.9 lbs), age 11 (225 lbs, then 226 lbs 2 weeks later), and now age 12. This lift was also a 100% Raw world record.


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