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Cardio Partyio? Or Cardio HARDIO? As we all know cardio is a big part of conditioning for competitors.* I find that bikini competitors seem to take cardio workouts to another
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Cardio Partyio? Or Cardio HARDIO?

As we all know cardio is a big part of conditioning for competitors.* I find that bikini competitors seem to take cardio workouts to another LEVEL day in and day out.* I have worked with girls and have had competitor friends that wake up at the crack of dawn and head straight to the gym and do their FIRST 60mins of cardio before a drop of nutrients reach their lips. And of course they still have to return for their evening 30-60min sessions before heading home for the night.* To me this sounds AWFUL! Not to mention time consuming and completely boring.* 90+ mins of sustained cardio? No thanks. I think I would go crazy and you would find some YouTube video of me under “awkward gym moments” dancing like a fool on the Stairmaster…ok I kind of do this anyway but that’s a whole other issue.
overall133x200 1Through the 4 years I have been competing I have worked with a couple different coaches and a number of competitors and I have learned to really use my cardio time for conditioning not just leaning out.* I have become a HUGE fan of HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) workouts and less of a fan of sustained cardio.* I know there is a great debate between the two but I find for most competitors a combo of both is what works the best until you are at a desired leanness, then I switch everyone over to HIIT and HITT only.* Of course there may be the need for glycogen release workouts but that’s a whole other topic.
One of my least favorite HIIT’s, which means the one that really kicks me booty, is a treadmill workout that combines sprints with plyometric. I have never finished this workout without being drenched in sweat and shaking from head to toe.* It’s a time challenge workout so pushing through each set with minimal rest and you will be done in no time! Give it a shot and see if you can beat your time every time you perform it. I recommend doing this workout 2-3x a week, but preferably not on leg days.
Happy HARDIO-CARDIO Fit friends!
Warm up 5 min jog 5%incline
Incline 8%
Run/Sprint 6.5+mph 1 min >hop off (leave treadmill running)
20 pop squats
Repeat 3x
Incline 10%
Sprint 6.5+mph 45 seconds> hop off
10 burpees
Repeat 3x
Incline 12%
Sprint 6+mph 30 sec>
20 switch lunges
Cool down 5 min jog 5%
DONE! Now go drink up that water!
-Hard work triumphs over natural talent, when natural talent refuses to work hard. -
Melanie Albinio
Fitness coach and NPC competitor
IG- @coachmelaniealbinio
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