Andrey Vladimirovich Malanichev Signs with Animal
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    Andrey Vladimirovich Malanichev Signs with Animal

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    Andrey Vladimirovich Malanichev was born on January 10, 1977 on a cold day in the small village of Barvikha outside Moscow, not far from the famous Barvikha Sanatorium. His father Vladimir, a noted cyclist, was born in Moscow and his mother, Galina, was born in Smolensk. Andrey has a sister, Irina. Andrey got involved in competitive sports through boxing at an early age. He eventually gave up the sport, however, because he got “tired of being hit in the face.” This decision was clearly good for powerlifting and for Andrey. While still a teenager, he got started in powerlifting. At 20, he was working under coach Andrey Chuprin. As a junior in the 125kg class, he totaled 907kg and set a Russian record. He has gotten stronger ever since. Andrey has over 20 records in the sport and many wins, including the 2009 Cup of the Titans, 2010 Super Cup of the Titans, and the 2010 World Raw Powerlifting Championships (Moscow). Most recently, Andrey set a new world record on December 8, 2013 in Tampere, Finland at the GPA World Championships. There, Andrey broke the all-time greatest raw total of 2391 held by Don Reinhoudt (U.S.) since 1975 with an astounding total of 2425 lb in the super-heavyweight class: 959 squat, 573 bench and 892 deadlift. No raw lifter on the planet has totaled more than Andrey in history. Andrey barely missed his 1003 squat, but we think he’ll break that 1000 lb barrier very soon. How soon? Raw Unity Meet 7 in Port St. Lucie, Florida in February. There, he plans to smash his own new World Record and break the 2500 lb barrier. It will be incredible. Today, Andrey is part of Team Animal. With this support, will 2500 be in the future? Time will tell. On behalf of everyone here, we welcome Andrey to our family and our brotherhood. Pack your bags, fill the tank and get ready for Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio in 2014. Andrey will be lifting in The Cage. It's going to be a sight to behold. To ask Andrey questions, go to: "Malanichev Talks Power"

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