traininglogo 1"Been pushing pretty hard the last couple weeks of training, elbows started to flare a bit, so we decided to dial it down for a deload speed workout. Alot of volume work and midway through the workout we decided to slap on 405 and give it a ride to close out our bench session. I definitely wanted to do more if I rested for it and went in there on a mission, but to throw that into a training session I was happy with it. Wrapped in my Iron Rebel Outlaws and the sling shot forearm bands I felt nothing but power coming through the chest until I gassed out lol. We slayed chest and triceps that day. Gearing up for the 2014 LA Fit Expo Pro Invite Jan 25th which ill be doing full power at 275 raw and then the next morning Bench only at 308 raw and hopefully run down a 600lb bench. Time to put in work..."


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