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For some odd reason, people on these forums are not really into predicting Arnolds anymore, let's change that, here is the list of the Open and 212 competitors. 2014 Arnold Classic looks like it's going to be a brawl and Im really anxious to see how it'll shape up, for sure it's far better than...
For some odd reason, people on these forums are not really into predicting Arnolds anymore, let's change that, here is the list of the Open and 212 competitors. 2014 Arnold Classic looks like it's going to be a brawl and Im really anxious to see how it'll shape up, for sure it's far better than last years lineup. We are around two months out from the contest so do keep in mind that some of the following competitors might withdraw from the contest any time.

Evan Centopani
Brandon Curry
Toney Freeman
Cedric McMillan
Victor Martinez
Edward Nunn
Ben Pakulski
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Branch Warren
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf
Hidetada Yamagishi

212 MEN , 10 competitors
Aaron Clark
Charles Dixon
David Henry
Richard "Tricky" Jackson
James "Flex" Lewis
Stan McQuay
Jose Raymond
Marco Rivera
Angel Rangel Vargas
Quincy Winklaar


My predictions of all 13 Open class competitors and why,

EDIT: pictures will be from 6th and up!

13th Hidetada Yamagishi

Now don't get me wrong, I think Hide is a great bodybuilder and easily one of the best bodybuilders of this era. But I think he will be swallowed up as the lineup includes many of the massmonsters or bigger bodybuilders in stature. Hide is good, but unless someone really misses their mark and Hide comes in without his distention last year, I can't see him being any higher.

12th Brandon Curry

I will be praying to god that Brandon really comes in crisp and with bigger quads in this years lineup. At the Olympia, he could easily have been in the top 10 or 12 at least, but he was VERY soft, we have seen him come in with good conditioning (2011 Olympia) but not the greatest. I predict he will look similar to this years Olympia which will put him IMO in near last.

11th Toney Freeman

I think the reason I put Toney in 11th is simply because of his last placing at the Olympia. Toney has an incredible frame, but he just was not full or ripped as he was at the 2012 Olympia in this years Olympia, but let's not forget, the dude is as old as my father. And although he is one of my favourites, putting him in 11th seems fair to me.

10th Edward Nunn

Ed Nunn is the hardest of them all to put in place, he is a Toney Freeman with somewhat smaller waist, flatter chest and flatter back. But one thing he always does is come in with great conditioning making him a model of consistency, problem is; he is somewhat underrated and most of the time, bigger shows like the Arnold and the Olympia are harsh towards Ed. Therefore, objectively I am putting him in 10th.

9th Fred Smalls

If Fred comes in with damn near dead stupid condition, he WILL BE in the top 6. But his achilles heel has always been the conditioning, great structure, great musclebellies, great posing routines. 9th if he comes in without the conditioning he needs to be at the Arnold.

8th Branch Warren

Branch looks like on his way out, but should Branch show up with 2010/2009 condition, I can see him moving up a spot or two, or at least ahead of the next 2 guys if they come in off.

7th Cedric Mcmillan

It would be stupid to miss the great structure of Cedric, but seeing as how his inconsistent condition has been over the past showings, placing him 7th is only fair. Should he show up full, with ultracondition (which I doubt) he will be up there in the top 3 or even win the whole thing.

6th Victor Martinez
attachmentphpattachmentid5788251d1369511 1
In my honest opinion, I think Victor is making a bad decision competing at this years Arnold. His body has not recovered all the lost muscle he lost being incarcerated, if anything, the gentlemen before him might beat him for that top 6 spot, but Vic is a favourite so placing him in 6th seems to make most sense to me.

5th Evan Centopani
IMG 8637jpgitoklbyoIDom 1?itoklbyoidom
Don't have much to say regarding Evan except that if he isn't flat, 5th is reasonable for him, should he be flat, Victor and Cedric might move ahead of him. Remember that both of them did beat Evan at the Olympia this past year

4th Roelly Winklaar
AB3 0324jpgitok4ei5lC9K 1?itok4ei5lc9k
Im not sure how his loss to Victor at the 2013 Arnold Madrid would affect his placing, but to be completely honest, he wasn't in the same shape he was at the 2013 Olympia. Should he repeat the shape, 4th is where he belongs and deservingly so!

3rd Ben Pakulski
ArnoldClassic2013BenPakulski 1
I don't think he looks good at all, even when ripped. He always brings great condition, but his structure and his glaring weaknesses always get me. IMO, he is the Branch Warren of the 2010s.. meaning that he will be gifted a few placings regardless of his weaknesses and structure, that being said, he is in the top 3 on my list, but Branch did beat Dexter at the 2009 Olympia, so him being 2nd by the judges is not a far cry.

2nd Shawn Rhoden
shawnrhodenmrolympia2013prejudging2 1
In the past 3 shows that the #1 has been competing, he has scored a win over Shawn Rhoden, Shawn is damn near perfect IMO and could definatly challenge the winner if he comes in shape.

and the WINNER of the 2014 Arnold classic FINALLY IS...........

denniswolfmrolympia2013prejudging2 1
denniswolfmrolympia2013prejudging 1
779164762b3a2df7e2dc11ebdaefaf2e 1

If we refrain from the fact that Dennis is the 3rd best bodybuilder at this point, we can say that the reason Dennis is winning this show IMO is that he has magically found the formula of holding on to the fullness of his shoulders and chest and legs and bringing in ultraconditioning. If he manages to pull out the same thickness and condition he brought to both the 2013 Olympia and Arnold Europe, he will be the winner and beating every single one in the lineup. so therefore ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, the 2014 Arnold classic winner will be the 3rd best Bodybuilder in the world, the BIG BAD DENNIS WOLF!

Hope you had a good read,
merry christmas and a happy new year!


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