Powerlifting Gym of the Year 2013:
Hercules Gym
Ironhorse Powerlifting
Detroit Barbell
Strong Gym
University of Louisiana
Fair Haven Fitness
Revolution Fitness Hattiesburg,MS
Jakked Hardcore Gym - Montgomery IL
Iron Arena Powerlifting Performance NJ
SSPT Maryland
Mecca Barbell
Monster Garage Gym: Gurnee, IL
Hell Barbell Whitesboro, NY
Texas A&M College
Super Training
22nd Street Barbell. Des Moines, IA
Orange County Strength Club
Nemesis Powerlifting
Orlando Barbell
Gaglione Strength
Elite Performance Center
Max Fit in Rainbow City, Al.
Jim Grandicks Big Iron Compound
Omaha Barbell
Sarasota Barbell
Under the Bar
Bay State Gym
Dynamo Barbell, Ottawa, Ontario


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