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*May 9th-10th.* (Tickets/Info/etc.): ** Prize money: OPEN MEN $20,000 212 MEN $6,000 MEN PHYSIQUE $5,000 FIGURE $6,000
May 9th-10th.


Prize money:
OPEN MEN $20,000
212 MEN $6,000
FIGURE $6,000
BIKINI $5,000

Athletes' updates;

Baito Abbaspour 1 week out of Dallas. After a very long travel time from Rio De Janeiro back to Iran via Dubai. Baito is now back in training and dieting mode. Our main focus from now until next Saturday is getting rid of excess water from long flights and bringing him down to under 212lbs. It's not an easy task knowing that Baito has to again make a super long flight from Iran to Dallas. He is doing everything he has to do and I'm sure that Baito will be more than fine come showtime. - DJ

Dallas IFBB Pro Europa Championship


Fouad Abiad 1 week out and I say he will be ready to bring it to Dallas. Probably one of the hardest working guys in bodybuilding Fouad is ready to bring it and is looking forward to being back on stage. I'm very happy with where Fouad is at this point and I'm sure the final week will do exactly what it suppose to, so look for an very dangerous Fouad who will be a fighting warrior on that stage. - DJ

Dallas IFBB Pro Europa Championship

Can't seem to find any competitors list.

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