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Hey people, This is the latest version of my so called series here on ''Tribute to..''.Jay Cutler! This time it's about one bodybuilder that as soon as mentioned crowds go nuts, chicks holla', fellas...
Hey people,

This is the latest version of my so called series here on ''Tribute to..''. The Jay Cutler tribute is here:
This time it's about one bodybuilder that as soon as mentioned crowds go nuts, chicks holla', fellas admiring and cities exploding with excitement! Obviously, he's the greatest bodybuilder of all time, the most winning and most successful IFBB Pro of all time. Now personally, like my other thread about Jay Cutler, Ronnie was never and will never become my favorite, the reason is simple, I admire the classic built physiques. But, I do respect his accomplishments and his dedication and really just how he was on stage and how dominant he truly was! Guys also, please do consider that Ronnie is VERY VERY VERY tough to dissect and determine his best as he has come in damn near perfect conditioning nearly every time he stepped on stage!

Please do remember that these are opinion based! here they are: Ronnie Coleman's top 6 best showings!

6th Place: 2000 Mr Olympia
Ronnie Coleman photo261 1
I'd imagine some people would wanna neg me for this, but first let me explain why I have the 2000 Mr Olympia version of Ronnie at 6th. This was the very start to Ronnie's mass reign, his conditioning was good enough to fend of Kevin Levrone's and Flex Wheeler's Conditioning but never the hardest on stage. But at this Olympia, Ronnie displayed amazing mass and structure with GOOD (but far from perfect conditioning), matter of fact, there was an earlier version that almost had the same mass but was ULTRA CONDITIONED that placed high

5th Place: 1999 Mr Olympia
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Ronnie's first defend of the title. Ronnie came in, slightly bigger than 98, his conditioning was on, but due to his slightly extra fullness, his conditioning was not as dead dry as the year prior. But an argument can be made too about his 98' Olympia and the Finnish GP, his conditioning was PERFECT but he was slightly flat and not as full as his 99 showing; still managed to fend of Flex and Nasser

4th Place: 1998 Mr Olympia and Finnish Grand Prix
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I cannot include finish gp pictures because of picture limit, sorry for that. Anyway, Ronnie's first win was deserving and even though Im a Flex Wheeler fan, I still think that Ronnie was the better bodybuilder. Ronnie joined the European tournaments after the win to establish himself as the number 1 bodybuilder in the world. Im pretty sure people have seen the video where many argue that the 98' version of Ronnie may have been the most perfect PHYSIQUE to ever walk the stage. Ronnie was in his best shape up to that point and truly deserved every single accolade he received. Why's these versions 4th? well, the following years, Ronnie matured and came in BETTER (incredibly enough)

3rd Place: 2001 Arnold Classic
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2001 AC version of Ronnie seems to always get people excited, deserving so, Ronnie came in in his all time best condition and completely crushed Dennis James and Chris Cormier. BUT there is an issue here: sure, Ronnie was in his the best condition of his career , but he was not as full as the 2000 Olympia version. It almost seem like Ronnie lost a slight amount of size to get that dead condition. Ronnie himself said in several interviews and pictures posted on instagram that he thinks that might have been his all time best condition. I wouldn't disagree, he looks like a mix of 1998 and 1999 with ultra condition.

2nd Place: 2003 Mr Olympia
attachmentphpattachmentid4741593d1344190 1
The 2003 Ronnie Coleman came in, destroyed every bodies dreams, achieved legendary status and left with a nice car, a statue, a momma proud of him and many people in awe, laughing of how unbelievable he looked. He was considered a ''threat'' to the title as he had lost to Gunter in that 2002 Show of Strength, after the show people claimed Ronnie had reached a level of development that no one will ever be able to achieve.. and to this day, nobody and I mean NO BODY has ever achieved his type of condition and mass. Sure, the abdomen was distended, but if you can be 286lbs with striated glutes, feathered lats and dwarf one of the widest bodybuilders of all time and I mean DWARF, then hey, be distented , now why is this not number one? simple, number one was BIGGER (at least looked) and more mature, that was the only thing in between number 1 and 2.

1st Place: 2005 Grand Prix Romania (I believe..)
ronniecolemanlatspread 1
A very mature Ronnie steps on stage in the 2005 Olympia and one of the european contests after the Olympia. Ronnie was hard, full and way mature than any of his other showings, his muscle had a dusty look to them, like they have been carved from stone! He fended off a VERY dangerous Jay Cutler and thereafter defended the title in one of the Grand Prix Tournaments of europe looking better than his ever looked! that lat spread is lookin so mean and the lights are not helping it seem nicer!! Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe that the Ronnie Coleman of 2005 was the best and most mature... I just can't get over how mean that lat spread looks!!

Honorable mentions:
2004 Mr Olympia, Ronnie came in the heaviest at 296lbs and beat an ''off'' Jay, he looked great but by comparisons, he was not as hard as 2003 and had a slightly distracting distention.
1997 Arnold Classic, Ronnie's first Arnold where he placed 6th I believe, he was not as big as he later became. His back was perfect and his conditioning was ON, and hey he beat Levrone for the first time

There you have it folks, the big nasty himself and my personal opinion based top 6 showings! I know a lot of you will not agree with me on this, but come on.. Ronnie is the GOAT for a very good reason!

Hope you enjoyed

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