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Zajecar, Serbia, May 9th-11th, 2014 SENSATION FROM CROATIA WINS BALKAN Twenty-three year old Petar Klancir, from Croatia, was the sensational winner of the Balkan Championship in Zajecar, Serbia By Nenad Vuckovic Photos: Evgeni Angelov Zajecar, city in the estern part of Serbia, and a main town in the Timocka Krajina region, where three Roman Emperors [...]
Zajecar, Serbia, May 9th-11th, 2014


Twenty-three year old Petar Klancir, from Croatia, was the sensational winner of the Balkan Championship in Zajecar, Serbia

By Nenad Vuckovic
Photos: Evgeni Angelov

Zajecar, city in the estern part of Serbia, and a main town in the Timocka Krajina region, where three Roman Emperors were born, was overcome by the elite from Balkan Bodybuilding and Fitness.
Over 120 competitors, (this is a new record in the number of participants) from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, gathered in Zajecar to measure their sharp and shaped muscles in the fight for the best in eighteen categories.
First on the stage, in the crowded Sports Hall “Kraljevica”, stepped contestants in the Junior Men Bodybuilding up to 75 kg category. From the very beginning, it was clear that the scene will be dominated by the excellent athlete from Bulgaria, Tcvetelin Todorov. Two solid competitors from Serbia, Milosevic Aleksandar and Cvetkovic Aleksandar, were not a serious threat to Todorov, so they had to settle for second and third place.
The domination of Bulgarian Juniors was continued by Valeri Enchev with his clear win in the over 75 kg category. Placed behind him were a very good Bulgarian Georgi Telcharov and Daniel Bosnjakovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the battle between Todorov and Enchev for the overall junior champion, the crown was given to Valery Enchev.
After muscular juniors, we had the opportunity to see attractive programs, performed by the competitors in Women’s open fitness category.
Thanks to her well-executed program, the first place and gold medal went in the hands of Sanja Terzic-Radjevic from Serbia. Second and third place went to Simona Vrebalov, Serbia and Anita Stamatova, Bulgaria.
Serbian domination in the women’s categories was continued by Branislava Jovanovic in the Women’s Physique category. Far behind Branislava were runner-up Ines Lucic, Serbia and Tudora Kristina, Bulgaria.
In the Men’s Physique, the most numerous category, we have seen thirteen great competitors. Valentin Petkov, the Arnold Classic winner was a bit better than his biggest threats, Miodrag Nedic and Belmir Berberovic, both from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In the Master Men’s category, last year winner Jovce Vasilevski from F.Y.R. Macedonia, had to settle for fourth place, which is the best proof of the form of the first-ranked Goran Copic, Serbia, second, Mateeski Alin, Romania and third, Pavel Lybenov, Bulgaria.
In two of the three Men’s Classic categories, athletes from Bulgaria triumphed and in over 180 cm gold medal and the title of overall winner took the “cut to the bone” Aleksandar Savic from Serbia.
The winners in the category up to 175 cm were Jovko Petrov, Bulgaria, first place, Slaven Petrovic, Croatia, second place and Nikola Milosavljevic, Serbia, third place.
The best in the category up to 180 cm was Nikolay Kostadinov, Bulgaria, Marko Petrovic, Croatia and Nikolay Nikolov, Bulgaria.
Behind Aleksandar Savic, winner in the category over 180 cm were placed Martin Haralampiev, Bulgaria and Albulesku Alexandru, Romania.
After the Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony started the afternoon part of the program. The program was opened by a beautiful, harmonious and well-prepared competitors in the categories, Women’s Body Fitness, Junior Bikini Fitness, Bikini Fitness up to 163 cm and Bikini Fitness over 163 cm.
In the Women’s Body Fitness category the battle for the medals was between the three extremely prepared competitors. Second placed Anna Giokala from Greece and Ivana Dimitrijevic from Serbia even had an equal number of points.
With a difference of six points, the gold medal in this category deservedly went to Maria Veresbaranji, from Serbia.
From twelve beautiful girls in Junior Bikini Fitness, judges have granted medals to the three competitors from Slovenia, Eva Kotnik, first, Valerija Slatnik, second and Alja Rastoder, third place.
Maja Pavlovic from Serbia and Bilyana Yotovska from Bulgaria, two experienced champions triumphed in the Bikini Fitness up to 163 and over 163 cm. Maja Pavlovic came more easily to the victory in her category, with a difference of six points, while Petra Jerman from Slovenia offered a strong resistance to Bilyana Yotovska. Only one point separated these two competitors. Finally, the medals in these two categories have been given to Maja Pavlovic, Serbia, gold, Zdravka Maksurova, Bulgaria, silver, and Tanja Obrenovic, Serbia, bronze, all in up to 163 cm.
In over 163 cm category, first was Bilyana Yotovska, Bulgaria, second Petra Jerman, Slovenia, and Snezana Radojkovic, Serbia, with the difference of two points from first placed.
Noisiest reaction of audience caused competitors in senior bodybuilding categories. With standing ovations was followed fantastic routine of the master of posing, Gherghel Radu from Romania.
Posing and excellent form of Radu gave no chance to other competitors in the category up to 70 kg, to stop him on his way to gold medal. On the second and third place were placed Antonio Georgiev and Farcas Bogdan, both from Bulgaria.
In the up to 80 kg category, for the umpteenth time, was played the National Anthem of Bulgaria. Really great, hard and balanced Georgi Yordanov from Bulgaria, deservedly took the gold medal and trophy in front of the, also excellent, Husanovic Mirnes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Third place went to well prepared Pavlovic Predrag from Serbia.
Up to 90 kg category caused the most uncertainty and stormy reactions of delegates, supporters and audience.
All three contenders in this category are so different in body structure, so no one looked like the one next to him. Before the competition, the big favorite was Mariyan Frangiev, absolute champion of Bulgaria. We all thought that he could only be jeopardized by the representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adnan Gosto.
Somehow it was forgotten that from the shadow someone lurking on them. It was Miroslav Kolobaric, who in Croatia is called Sparrow hawk.
Immediately after their appearance on the stage a madhouse was created in the hall. The noise and the pressure was so big that judges should be applauded that they managed to work in such an atmosphere. At the end, it turned out that the judges, in my opinion, made the right decision. Adnan Gosto dominated this category with his structure, proportions and well shaped muscles. However, Adnan Gosto did not show sharpness of the muscles that Miroslav Kolobaric showed that evening. Miroslav vas vascular and razor cut. His pectorals were incredibly slashed and striated.
Since the storm subsided a bit, announcer was able to declare the following placement. Gold medal went in the hands of Miroslav Kolobaric, silver to Adnan Gosto, and bronze to Mariyan Frangiev.
After this storm, the stage was occupied by heavy artillery.
The audience literally gasped with wonder when on stage stepped twenty three year old sensation from Croatia, Petar Klancir. Such superiority on the stage at the Balkan championships has not been seen a long time. From the pose to pose Klancir destroyed his rivals, so that the question for the winner did not even raised. Second place went to “wide” Bulgarian champion Georgi Slavov, and third to Bostjan Cebron, from Slovenia who showed very good form.
In the Mixed Pairs category, first and second place went to pairs from Bulgaria, Valentin Petkov/Ani Stoilova and Valeri Enchev/Anita Stamatova. Pair from Serbia, Goran Copic/Maja Pavlovic took the third place. All couples showed excellent presentation, form and harmony.
For the best team at the 23rd Balkan Championships was declared Serbia. Second was Bulgaria and third Bosnia and Herzegovina.
All in all, with a record number of participants and very good organization, IT WAS A GREAT SPORT EVENT! THANK YOU ZAJECAR!

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