Four pros that look set to have a great 2014 Mr Olympia

With the 2014 Mr Olympia now just a few weeks away, the forums and debates are heating up, with more and more people expressing their opinions about how they think things will go down in September, and who they think will come out on top. The Mr Olympia is the ultimate bodybuilding competition, it is the be all and end all for many bodybuilders and only a select few will ever have what it takes to get up on stage and show the world the physique they’ve worked incredibly hard to attain for most of their lives. Competing at the Mr Olympia should be every bodybuilder’s dream and goal, no matter who they are, what their circumstances are, or which level they happen to be competing at. For the fortunate few that will be competing this year, the competition will be fierce, with each and every single competitor looking to place as well as they possibly can. Obviously we can’t see into or predict the future accurately, but what we can do is look at the facts logically and piece things together bit by bit. We have no idea if our predictions will come to fruition, but there is a whole stack of evidence pointing to the fact that there’s a very strong possibility that we’ll be right and for that reason we’ll now be taking a look at four pros that look set to have a great 2014 Mr Olympia.

Phil Heath – Starting with the most obvious we’ll begin with a look at “the gift” and the current Mr O that will be looking to retain his title, Phil Heath. Phil has remained relatively low key this year, which is probably a bid to keep people guessing on his conditioning. From what we have seen of him however, he looks sharp, full, conditioned, and right on point so far. His trademark arms in particular are looking even fuller and more detailed and defined, and that’s a scary thought in itself. We’re predicting another straight win for Phil this year, but it will be the closest competition to date.

Kai Greene – Phil and Kai have an Arnold, Lou thing going on, and the makers of the recent hit documentary Generation Iron, were quick to pick up on that. Phil lives a life of luxury, enjoying his money and his success, working hard and playing harder, whilst Kai lurks in the shadows, desperate to claim his spot at the top of the mountain. Many people believe that last year was Kai’s best shot, and he blew it, but we’re not so sure. He’s philosophical, he’s driven, he’s motivated, and you’d better believe he’s desperate to beat Phil Heath. We’re predicting a 2nd place finish for Kai, although if Phil slips up then who knows?

Big Ramy – Big Ramy, or Mamdouh Ellsbiay as is his real name, is making an incredible impression in the bodybuilding world, and what’s more is that he came from nowhere. Each time we see him he looks even fuller, even more muscular, even more conditioned, and his muscle bellies seem to improve after each and every workout. Many believe he will one day be a Mr Olympia, with some predicting that change to happen sooner rather than later. If he can place in the top 3 this year, on his 2nd ever Olympia, that would be incredible. Us personally, we think he’ll narrowly miss out and will place 4th or 5th.

Dennis Wolf – The big bad wolf is hungry, he’s back on track after the unfortunate set back a few years ago, and he continues to impress each time he competes. Now with the BSN sponsorship team backing him, people expect him to once again crack the top 3, with many predicting another 3rd place finish for Dennis. We’re going to go with what many people are predicting and also expect a third place finish for Dennis after another impressive display for the big bad wolf.

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