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Our summary of the IFBB spring season showed that it was the biggest in our history and enriched with new prestigious events, including two “Arnolds”: in Columbus and Rio de Janeiro; two Amateur Olympias: in Prague and Acapulco, two continental championships: Asian in Colombo and European in Santa Susanna, as well as the World Ladies [...]
Our summary of the IFBB spring season showed that it was the biggest in our history and enriched with new prestigious events, including two “Arnolds”: in Columbus and Rio de Janeiro; two Amateur Olympias: in Prague and Acapulco, two continental championships: Asian in Colombo and European in Santa Susanna, as well as the World Ladies Cup in Kiev.
The autumn season seems to be even bigger and more intensive. In some weekends there will be as many as four big IFBB international events! It is really impressive to see that our top events are moving to bigger and bigger venues, over 1000 seats, often reaching 5000 seats auditoriums. Traditionally, four IFBB World Championships will be stage in autumn but the world-level activity will start at the end of September with:
Arnold Classic Europe – Madrid, Spain, September 25th To 28th, 2014

One of the biggest IFBB international event, we can expect even more than 1000 athletes this year as participation in this contest is unlimited. The same venues: Palacio de Cristal de la Casa de Campo and Madrid Arena. The date (September 25 to 28) is tuned with the Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas (a week earlier). Eight IFBB sports will be run, with junior and master age divisions, altogether 44 categories! In conjunction with the amateur sports staged at the Palacio de Cristal, there will be men’s pro bodybuilding and women’s pro fitness competitions staged in the Madrid Arena located on the other side of the street. This will be the only international event in Europe where you can meet top pro bodybuilding stars coming directly from Mr. Olympia and top amateur stars preparing for the series of the World Championships. And the biggest ever bodybuilding star, the icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be there! Plus one more attraction: big Expo with all the world leading fitness industry companies offering their newest and best products!
A week later there will be:

World Juniors & Masters Championships – Morelia, Mexico, October 3rd To 6th, 2014

Morelia is located 300 km far from Mexico City but all National Teams will be welcome at the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City. Morelia is the capital of the Michoacán state in central Mexico and is so attractive that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
There will be 11 junior categories: instead of Junior Women’s Bodybuilding there will be Junior Women’s Physique. The same with masters: instead of Mater Women’s Bodybuilding there will be Masters Women’s Physique (one open category). And a new category: Master Women’s Bikini Fitness (one open class). As usual, World Wheelchair Bodybuilding Championships (one open category for men) will also be held. Each National Federation may enter an “A-Team” of 26 competitors! Junior “B-Team” is limited (no more than in “A-team”) but masters “B-team” is unlimited. Two weeks later the next Worlds will be held:

World Fitness Championships – Montreal, Canada, October 17th To 20th, 2014

The Championships will be held in Laval / Montreal – birthplace of the IFBB and place of the first IFBB Headquarters! The venue: Salle Andre Mathieu is located in the Laval city (15 minute drive from Montreal downtown). There will be a bus transport arranged by the Organizers from the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport to the Sheraton Hotel in Laval. The Championships will include 21 categories. Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s and Men’s Athletic Fitness have been removed. Instead, there will be Women’s Physique (2 categories). Women’s Bikini Fitness has been expanded into 6 categories and Men’s Physique – into 4 categories. And one extra news: after 14 years of absence the Mixed Pair category returns to the World Championships! But this time it is open not only for men’s bodybuilders but also for men’s classic bodybuilders, women’s physique, fitness and bodyfitness competitors. New quality, new dimension, new expression! A week later there will be something new in the IFBB:

Amateur Olympia Africa – Ekurhuleni, South Africa, October 25th To 26th, 2014

South Africa enters the circle of the biggest IFBB international events! The first Amateur Olympia Africa will be held in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, with over 3 million inhabitants, located in the Gauteng Province, east of Johannesburg. The venue: Big Top Arena at the Carnival City entertainment complex with a capacity of 5 000 people. Arrival to the OR Tambo International Airport – the biggest airport in South Africa, working for Johannesburg. The contest will include four IFBB women’s divisions: fitness, physique, bodyfitness and bikini fitness as well as men’s bodybuilding and men’s physique. Additional attraction: famous former pro star Shawn Ray will be the Master of Ceremony. Participation open for competitors from all African countries, Middle East and United Kingdom. The late former South African President Nelson Mandela said – “Sport has the power to change the world”. Now it’s going to change the bodybuilding world in Africa. Very attractive scenery and new important point on the IFBB map of the world. In the same weekend:

Ben Weider Diamond Cup – China, October 27th To 31st, 2014

This will be the 2nd edition of this event, being an important and valuable initiative of the IFBB to honour its founder and first President Ben Weider. This competition will be organized by the China Bodybuilding Association and will include Men’s Bodybuilding categories only. Details soon. In the same weekend:

European Children Fitness Championships – Budapest, Hungary, October 24th To 26th, 2014

This is a good tradition that the IFBB World Children Fitness Championships are held in June and the European Children Fitness Championships in the second half of the year, in October. In this way, children are peaking two times a year, having continuous motivation and excitement. Hungarian Federation, which is a children fitness “superpower”, was an initiator of this idea and organized all European Children Fitness Championships up till now. Will continue this year. More information soon. The same weekend:

Eastern European Championships – Yekaterinburg, Russia, October 23rd To 27th, 2014

Bodybuilding and Fitness are booming in Russia and other Eastern Europe countries nowadays. Taking into account that over 500 competitors took part in the spring Eastern Europe Cup we can expect not less in Yekaterinburg. This will be the 26th Russian National Championships combined with the 13th Eastern European Championships. The venue: Sport Palace for the Team Games, opened in 2003, with 5000 seats for spectators. All categories are included (42 categories + 7 overalls), also children, juniors and masters. Men’s Physique (named in Russia “Beach Bodybuilding”) will be included for the first time. What’s interesting, Russian Federation established bodyweight / body height limits for Men’s Physique, which are similar to Classic Bodybuilding. For the tallest competitors, over 190 cm, the maximum allowable bodyweight is limited by formula: (body height – 100) + 5 kg, what means that being 191 cm tall your max. bodyweight could be 96 kg. More information at: (in Russian).
On Oct. 24th, 2014, top bodybuilders (10) and bikini-fitness athletes (15) will go to Kamensk-Uralsky (2.5 hour drive) to take part in the Mayor’s Cup with USD 20 000 prize money.
Three weeks later the IFBB worldwide family will have their most important event of the year:

World Men’s Bodybuilding Championships – Brasilia, Brazil, November 12th To 16th, 2014.

The Championships is supported and guaranteed by the government. The city of Brasilia is a federal capital of Brazil, with nearly 3 million inhabitants, designed and constructed in a very modern style at the end of 1950s. The venue: Ulysses Guimaraes Convention Center was erected in 1973 and then rebuilt and expanded several times. It has two wings, one for exhibitions and other for conventions. The Championships will take place in the South Wing, Master Auditorium with 2.827 seats. The Championships will start on Wednesday, Nov. 12th (arrivals) and will last till Sunday, Nov. 16th (departures). First time at the World Championships the 95 kg category will be included, so the total number of categories will raise to 10 (from 60 kg to over 100 kg, with 5 kg intervals between them).
Traditionally, the IFBB International Congress will be held in conjunction with the Championships, on Saturday morning. This will be a special, electoral congress, which is held every four years. A week later a very special event:

Asian Beach Games – Phuket, Thailand, November 18th To 23rd, 2014.

Thus is a very important event for our sport as the Asian Beach Games is organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) which recognizes the IFBB and are in the Olympic Program. It means that bodybuilding is an official sport there and bodybuilder will compete for official medals like all other Olympic sports present at these Games! Step by step, we are closer to the Olympic recognition. The Games will last from 14th to 23rd November but Bodybuilding competition will be held on 21st and 22nd of November (Friday and Saturday) on the Karon Beach where a special outdoor stage and auditorium will be constructed. Only countries (National Olympic Committees) affiliated with OCA and IFBB may enter their teams (maximum of 6 bodybuilders per country) and these bodybuilders will be members of the bigger sport teams nominated by each National Olympic Committee. There will be six men’s bodybuilding categories with height / weight limits: up to 162 cm, 165 cm, 168 cm, 172 cm and 176 cm plus over 176 cm class.
A week later world top athletes can go to Moscow top participate at the:

World Amateur Mr. Olympia – Moscow, Russia, November 28th To 30th, 2014.

Otherwise than continental Amateur Olympias (Prague, Acapulco, Johannesburg) this will be the “crown” Olympia, open for competitors from the whole world but for bodybuilders only. The event will take place at the Congress Center of the World Trade Center Moscow (WTC), with capacity of 1200 seats. There will be six bodyweight classes, from 70 kg to over 100 kg, with 5 kg intervals. Amateur Mr. Olympia will be a part of the bigger 2014 Power Pro Show which will include Bikini Pro Moscow, local Men’s Physique competition as well as a big Expo.
A week later:

World Classic Bodybuilding Championships – La Nucia (Benidorm), Spain, November 12th To 16th, 2014.

It will be the IFBB closing event of 2014, just a week before Christmas. Maybe, you haven’t heard about La Nucia (from the Arabic word Naziha – “delicious”) till now but the town is famous from its very modern sport complex. It includes a magnificent “Auditorium of the Mediterranean” constructed just a few years ago. The city was awarded with the title of the “2012 European City for Sport” by the European Parliament.
In addition to the World Classic Bodybuilding Championships complete program, two more competitions will be held there: Men’s Physique World Cup and Bikini Fitness Ms. International. Located somewhere between Benidorm and Altea (host of the 2001 World Juniors & Maters Championships!) in the warmest part of Spain, La Nucia will guarantee few days of “delicious” relax for all guests coming from the cold, ice-bound Northern Hemisphere. More detailed information soon.
The above are only the biggest and most important IFBB autumn season championships. But there are much more. Telling the truth, the season will start very soon, even in summer, with continental championships of both Americas:
- South American Championships in Bogota, Colombia (Aug. 28-30)
- North American Championships in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (Aug. 29-30)
The next championships of the continental level will be:
- Central American & Caribbean Championships in San Martin (Oct. 02-04)
- South Pacific Championships in Sydney, Australia (Oct. 18-19)
And this is not the end. In the meantime, many regional cups will be held in all continents: Mexico, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Dubai, Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden to mention the most popular ones only. Plus a lot of national championships or cups usually treated as qualifiers to national teams for the world championships. Not so many International Sport Federations can show so big activity, even in the Olympic sports. IFBB has become now a very strong worldwide sport organization operating in all continents and oceans. IFBB is as strong as its national affiliated bodies, as thousands of gyms and fitness centers spread around the world, which are the cradles of our champions, our enthusiasts and our popularity. IFBB is as strong as your enthusiasm for the “iron sports” and healthy lifestyle.
AB2 0048png 1Amateur Bodybuilding competition line at the Arnold Classic Europe 2013

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